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The non-drying label post-press processing technology

by:LG Printing     2021-01-25

the non-drying label after printing will also be available according to requirement and some individual words do the corresponding processing, namely, postpress, postpress is on the non-drying label after printing processing was carried out on the print process.

according to the purpose of finishing, finishing can be divided into three categories, one is for printing on the surface of beautification adornment processing, such as to improve the print gloss coated processing, in order to improve the glazing of printed light flashes, foil stamping, machining, etc.

2 it is to make print access to specific functions of processing. Print is for the use of people, different print due to different service object or purpose should possess or strengthen the functions of some aspect, such as make the print has oil, moisture, abrasion, insect protection functions. Some prints should have a specific function, such as stamps, references can be torn off, documents, forms and so on can copy, magnetic card has anti-counterfeiting function etc.

3 is printing processing. Such as the single page size, the dimension of a print cutting to the design rules of brochure binding, packaging die cutting indentation processing, etc.

according to the ways of application of the adhesive label printing after machining is divided into sheet-fed and web processing two kinds big.

sheet-fed processing. Sheet-fed die cutting in the automatic die cutting machine processing, can also be used in the semi-automatic die-cutting machine manual paper processing, manual exhaust, remove the paper side, finally finish the packing. For poster kind of large size stickers printed matter, don't usually die cutting, trimming, packaging directly from the finished product.

drum paper processing. According to the design and application of the label is different, processing in a different way. Processing methods include: roll to sheet processing is suitable for manual labeling; Volume to the volume processing suitable for automatic labeling or print. All postpress include: punch, transverse, longitudinal cutting, waste discharge. Rewinding or folding, cutting. According to the design requirements of using the device's performance and the label has different combinations.

is by introduce about the non-drying label above the purpose of finishing and application of the non-drying label respectively do a simple introduction for everyone!

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