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The non-drying label material back cutting method

by:LG Printing     2021-03-03

the non-drying label may according to the need to cut back, cut back the non-drying label material is the fabrics of index sign according to the normal die cutting or die cutting, without some sort of cut off at the end of paper. Cut back have different purposes and USES, there are generally sheet-fed cutting and paper rolls back cutting back. By a brief introduction of the non-drying label for everyone now cut back the different USES of! ! ! !

a, can remove the bottom paper. Certain tags require application on both sides of the edge with a small bottom paper, such as various types of printing label. If under the condition of small paper edge printing, waste paper edge it is easy to break, cause downtime and increase waste, but also conducive to high-speed production. To solve this problem, generally on a rotary press printing, both sides of the paper rolls to keep a certain size, which can increase the strength of the paper edge. Waste, using circular knife on the bottom paper back straight cut the redundant bottom paper and cooperate with positive die-cutting, finally waste extra edge along the bottom paper and paper take out, to make labels have small bottom paper, and not because the paper while strength low impact the production. After the back can also be used in cutting waste. The method is suitable for all kinds of printing label making machine.

2, easy to peel off the bottom paper. The application of some big whole label or tag requirements quickly remove the bottom paper. Such as uncovered only from one side, can bring trouble to users. Can be used to quickly remove the bottom paper, bottom paper cutting method among them, it is easy to remove the bottom paper. As some express mail label is the back cut craft, make its application can quickly remove the bottom paper.

3. Special purpose. Use local cut back, positive and negative on the round type die-cutting roller with die cutting. Due to the label on the back of the bottom paper cut off the whole, generally for closed graph, when the labels on the bottom paper unveils, back to cut off the bottom paper with label fabrics. So that is equal to the label on the back have some glue. The label for the special label for special occasions, such as labels, food sealing labels on the socks, used on the airport luggage tag, etc.

the above is the use of the non-drying label cutting back to do a simple introduction, can according to the different requirements of products, select whether to cut back.

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