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The non-drying label laminating process

by:LG Printing     2021-03-03

general self-adhesive label in the printing is completed, according to need to do process after processing, some likely because of the texture of products and for the protection of the product is need to print to do laminating process, will now take you understand the laminating process together!

print film coating can make prints to improve the grade, after more texture and luster. Membrane generally divided into two kinds: one kind is dumb film, one kind is light membrane.

mulching is to polypropylene plastic mulch in print surface, such as heating, pressure and USES the adhesive of glued together in machining process. Laminating process is divided into pre-coating film coating and the coating effect of two kinds. Pre-coated laminating adhesive coating on the plastic film in advance, drying winding. In the case of adhesive content after after hot pressing can finish effect of printed matter. The coating of coated is to use at the same time when laminating adhesives.

laminating method is divided into 'cold wind' and 'hot framed' cold 'framed' is to use the glue and cold mounting machine pressure will photos with coated and back together; And decorating 'hot' is by the hot wind machine high temperature and high pressure to complete the photo frame. Cold framed, by contrast, the cost is low, but the effect of hot wind is better, framed photos after the preservation time is longer.

the film print more good-looking, and the grade is also very high, almost every print need to be coated.

the above is a brief introduction for the process of laminating oh, want to know more information, welcome to oh!

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