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The non-drying label die cutting process and die cutting method

by:LG Printing     2021-01-25

the non-drying label after printing will be through the die cutting process will print or other paper products shall be carried out in accordance with the designed good graphics make ChengMo cutting knife version, so that the shape of the print is not limited to straight edge right angles. More accord with the requirement of beautiful and practical.

the non-drying label die cutting method and conventional die cutting in a different way. Traditional die-cutting including cutting and creasing, and half of material of pressure sensitive label die-cutting is cutting process. Because of the special structure and using method, the non-drying label requirement on the surface of material cut into the label shapes, while the bottom paper kept its original state. That can easily remove the waste paper edge, and the label after die cutting off easily from the bottom of paper. According to the non-drying label cutting device is way of die cutting, die segmentation for two kinds of die cutting, will now take you know together!

plate type die-cutting. Die cutting and die cutting platform ( Floor) With the plane, die cutting blades installed on the die cutting plate. Die cutting, die cutting or die cutting machine edition of vertical movement and pressure from the pressure, the intermediate pressure sensitive materials, paper cutting and die-cutting forming complete die-cutting.

round type die-cutting. Die cutting version of roller and the bottom of the die cutting roller with the cylinder, the die cutting knife is installed in die cutting roller on the circumference of a circle. Die-cutting die-cutting version when the pillow with the bottom of the die cutting roller of roller surface contact, and pure roll, self-adhesive materials of the middle surface of material forming, cutting and die cutting die cutting.

the above is the adhesive label die cutting and die cutting process, want to know more information, welcome to.

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