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The new version of the 2018 hairy crab anti-counterfeiting label has the official New Anti-Counterfeiting Special logo, which has been officially released since last year

by:LG Printing     2020-02-11
The appearance of the new version of the hairy crab anti-counterfeiting label has not changed much from the naked eye, but the background color of the label is replaced by gold and blue, new changes have been made in anti-counterfeiting detection points, label structure, cat's eye laser words, etc. The new label uses six types of anti-counterfeiting technologies such as digital, two-dimensional code, cat's eye laser, 3D color printing, DNA, and spectrum identification. The surface characteristics of the new version of the 2018 hairy crab anti-counterfeiting label can be seen from these aspects: using scissors to cut the back of the anti-counterfeiting label from the edge, you can see the silver-colored anti-counterfeiting label with black 12-digit anti-counterfeiting digital and anti-counterfeiting QR code, the authenticity can be checked through telephone, WeChat, website and other methods. At the same time, using the smart phone to scan the label QR code, you can see the exclusive inspection page and display the query record. In addition, peel off the silver surface, the reverse side can be illuminated with a flashlight, and the capital 'H? Y.
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