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The material of the food the non-drying label

by:LG Printing     2021-01-20

the non-drying label food everywhere now, for example, we often drink tea with milk, biscuits, etc have on packaging, so food what are the material of the non-drying label? Let small make up announced for everyone.

the material of food the non-drying label is as follows:

1, the coated material: printing color real full, bright, smooth surface, fine out powder, small food the non-drying label, is the most economical marketing tool.

2, material: transparent paper is not easy to tear, waterproof, prevent oil, pure and fresh and contracted, contemporary feeling strong, let you remember little pure and fresh, simple and clean more joker, conforms to the modern aesthetic trend.

3, PVC material, waterproof and moistureproof, gum is good, not easy to tear, PVC is not afraid of any environmental stability, strong strong, corrosion resistance to low temperature, suitable for frozen food.

4, kraft paper material: classic, restore ancient ways, personality, culture connotation, is suitable for honey, roasting, tea, alcohol, meat and other handmade, food the non-drying label is tall.

5, writing pad material: using water environmental protection rubber, stick more, save more persistent, also can use the low temperature environment, can be produced for bags sealing, convenient and easy to use.

the non-drying label is not only beautiful, all kinds of food are more likely to convey our friendship to the customer. If you need to customize the food the non-drying label, we can one-to-one considerate service for you! Each tag we elaborate design, let the details become a bright spot, like consumer food brand personality charm.

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