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The influence of static electricity of self-adhesive label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-20

in autumn winter season is electrostatic printing problems that often appear in the process of label will caused a lot of trouble for printing quality and other aspects. Especially of thin film materials printing, electrostatic phenomenon is very obvious, so in order to ensure normal production electrostatic problems, must pay attention to eliminate static electricity.

there are two reasons a static phenomenon is the influence of climate and environment, climate, cold and dry air is a major cause of static electricity; Between two, materials, materials with drive roller, the friction between contact and separation will generate static electricity. Fabrics such as membrane separation, its internal electricity will be transferred to another kind of material, electron transfer is the result of the thin film surface electrostatic.

static will affect printing, often reflected in the following several aspects

one, in the aspect of operation. Static electricity can make the material wrapped attached to the drive roller and guide roller, feed adverse, printing and die

cut alignment. When finished product label automatic labeling, electrostatic affect normal labeling, even unable to work.

2, in the aspect of safety. If the static electricity is serious, will produce discharge, sparks. Discharge may occur in flammable solvents and ink around the fire. Also a common electric operator, especially fingers, can cause a wrong operation, the operator should not happen.

3, in the aspect of quality control. Electrostatic is like a magnet, can adsorption in the air dust and fluff to printed material on the surface, the printing will make the eye of a needle to appear on the graphic or white dots. Electrostatic discharge can also damage the surface coating material, from type paper coated silicon layer, affect the waste label.

in the cold season, especially the printing film must try to eliminate static electricity, eliminate static electricity generated by the commonly used several ways as follows,

can increase humidity and temperature in the printing workshop, electrostatic eliminator is installed on the machine equipment, or can be in special antistatic coating material coated on both sides, but relatively high

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