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The importance of traceability system to milk powder

by:LG Printing     2021-03-10
Children have infinite possibilities. Their creativity and plasticity are very powerful. Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the motherland. Have you heard these words since they were very young? However, there will still be a hit before. Fake milk powder, and because the fake milk powder eaten up many children, many mothers are very worried. When facing dairy products, they can’t think about it and don’t know how to choose, for fear of buying bad ones. The child for a lifetime. However, with the development of science and technology, the times are getting more and more advanced. The traceability system introduced by the anti-counterfeiting industry can dispel our worries and allow us to choose milk powder with confidence. Next, the editor will introduce to you , Milk powder traceability system.

The principle of    milk powder traceability system is as follows:

  Information management systems adopted by different manufacturers and organizations may have slightly different names, but the principles adopted are basically the same. In the dairy industry chain, it can be roughly divided into four major sectors: raw material production, processing and packaging, warehousing and circulation, and distribution and sales. In each of the four major sections, digital information is used for management. Each link of each batch of products has its own electronic label, and the handover of each link is logged into the database with a unified electronic label, and then all Data is integrated with a digital system, so it is possible to track every link of raw materials, processing, and circulation. Consumers can also trace all processes through the Internet.

   After the milk powder project was launched, the emerging Internet of Things information recording, identification, tracking and data exchange technology was adopted to equip each can of formula milk powder with a unique identification; QR code, customized milk powder exclusive; ID card, let import Milk powder is available; the whole process is transparently traceable. The electronic label is the ID card of the product. For example, when the farm delivers fresh milk to the processing plant, the electronic label records when the batch of products was produced, which farm was produced, which supervision unit supervised, and the related quality parameters. What are there; and the production and processing links also need to enter the date, batch, handling unit, supervision unit, related quality parameters and other data into the electronic label. By analogy, the labels on the finished dairy products can easily trace all information such as dates, quality standards, responsible units and so on for each link in the whole process. It avoids possible omissions in manual recording and manual inspection, and makes rights, responsibilities and standards more accurate and checkable. All information is transparent and checkable, and consumers can realize their desire to buy with peace of mind. The whole-process transparent and traceable system enables consumers to choose rationally and eliminates the blind spot in the identification of milk powder quality. The transparent traceability system of the milk powder terminal will also promote the milk powder market; the transparent development allows the milk powder monitoring to be from the industry, so as to allow consumers to monitor the whole process.

  The quality of milk powder is a problem that we have always been worried about. With the milk powder traceability system, we can learn more when facing milk powder, and can choose better and more suitable milk powder for children, so that we will not worry , The previous accidents will happen to their own children. After the product has been added to the traceability system, it not only makes consumers more at ease about the product, but also has a very good effect on enhancing the corporate image. The above is the editor of Shanghai Shangyuan The milk powder traceability system introduced for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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