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The implementation of the anti-traffic system in the market performance

by:LG Printing     2021-03-29
There are various forms of merchandise on the market. The company's sales headquarters may also be fleeing goods. Therefore, the phenomenon of commodity fleeing in the market is endless. Therefore, in such a dazzling market, operators should put aside the layers of fog and have a clear understanding and grasp of the form of merchandise fleeing before they can take correct countermeasures.

   Commodities fleeing from the same market. Zoom in in order to form a pyramid. The establishment of this channel system makes it possible to circulate commodities on the same market. As long as there are two or more different secondary distributors or wholesalers under the general distributor, there is a possibility of fleeing goods. Secondary wholesalers are the main perpetrators in the same market. The specific forms of diverting goods include one-way reverse, two-way reverse and product outflow.

   Commodities flow between different markets. It refers to the outflow of products from the market. In different markets, as long as there is a profit margin, there is a possibility of getting rid of it. The main players involved in fleeing goods in different markets are the general distributors and different branches of the same company. Distributors at the same level may cross-sell products, and different branches or sales personnel of the same company may cross-sell products in different markets.

   vicious fleeing goods.

   refers to the behavior of distributors deliberately dumping products into markets outside their jurisdiction in order to obtain excess profits. Distributors dumped products outside their jurisdiction. The commonly used method is low-price sales, mainly selling products outside the jurisdiction at a price lower than the price set by the manufacturer. The harm to enterprises caused by escaping goods is huge. It disrupts the price system of the company's entire distribution network, easily leads to price wars, and reduces channel profits. Distributors lose confidence in the products, lose enthusiasm, and finally give up selling corporate products.

   natural fleeing goods.

   refers to distributors who unconsciously dump their products to markets outside their jurisdiction while obtaining normal profits. This kind of commodity loss is inevitable in the market. As long as there is market segmentation, there will be such a loss of commodities. It is mainly manifested in cross-border adjacent jurisdictions, or circulation markets, and products are dumped to other regions along with the trend of logistics. This form of fleeing goods, if the volume of the goods is large, the regional channel price system will be affected, and the profit of this channel will decline, affecting the enthusiasm of secondary wholesalers. In severe cases, it can develop into a vicious escape. Goods between secondary wholesalers.

   benign fleeing goods.

   refers to companies in the early stages of market development, intentionally or unintentionally choosing distributors in highly liquid markets, so that products flow to unimportant business areas or blank markets. In the early stages of market development, good escape is beneficial to the enterprise. On the one hand, companies do not need to invest in the blank market to increase their visibility. On the other hand, companies can not only increase sales, but also save transportation costs. Only in specific operations, companies should notice that the channel price system in the blank market is naturally formed, so companies should reintegrate when they focus on market areas.

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