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The function of bar code anti-counterfeiting label in commodities

by:LG Printing     2021-04-09
Counterfeit and inferior products have caused serious losses to the country, enterprises and consumers. Anti-counterfeiting is to protect the interests of the country, enterprises and consumers. If a brand's product does not use effective anti-counterfeiting measures, it may be impacted by a large number of counterfeit products, which will greatly damage the image of the product. With the transformation of business operations from extensive to intensive, in terms of distribution channel management, due to the limitations of technology and means, most companies still use the traditional models and management methods at the initial stage of operation. These methods are effective in terms of efficiency, cost, and availability. Disadvantages such as controllability have become increasingly prominent. So what are the uses of barcode anti-counterfeiting label' target='_blank'>labels in commodities? What are their functions? With these questions we will talk about these one after another. Excuse me, take a look.

  一. Advantages of barcode security labels

  1. Uniqueness: the barcode identification company affixes a barcode label with a unique logo on each product. The barcode label can be in the form of an encrypted one-dimensional code or an encrypted two-dimensional code, and contains product variety information. Production information, serial numbers, sales information, etc., in particular, the two-dimensional bar code can record more detailed product sales area, sales person in charge, key accessory serial numbers and other data and information, thereby adding a unique, complete, and Confidential identity and attribute identifiers.

  2. With the barcode label in the warehouse entry and exit management, the enterprise can implement strict monitoring of the goods exit, warehousing, logistics and other links through quick reading of the barcode, and make each business network in the distribution network have a strong Commodity verification function, business outlets can check and match commodity sales areas, product attributes, etc. according to needs. The verification function will be implemented through a portable barcode scanning terminal or a notebook computer plus a barcode scanner.

  3. Sales Management Distribution companies can realize full, effective and reliable management and monitoring of the entire process of commodity distribution by combining two-dimensional bar code technology with invoicing software and enterprise wide area networks. And further obtain valuable data such as commodity warehousing, logistics, sales, payment collection, etc., to provide valuable statistical information, data and reports for the business decision-making of the corporate headquarters. Specific functions will include distribution area management (regional management, person-in-charge management), regional performance management, personal performance management, report management, etc.

  4. The product anti-counterfeiting system first realizes the anti-counterfeiting function through one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes. For the one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes encrypted by the enterprise, other personnel cannot obtain the data and information in the two-dimensional barcode if the key cannot be obtained. In addition, because the two-dimensional barcode of each product is different and is related to unique specific information such as parts and serial numbers, it is difficult for other personnel to forge, nor can it be copied by optical methods. And the logistics of each barcode is recorded in the database. Forged barcodes are not recorded in the database, they are easy to be checked and processed by the system, and the alarm is automatically issued.

  5. After-sales service After-sales service department scans the encrypted two-dimensional bar code to obtain the source and attribute information of the goods stored in the bar code label, so as to carry out all-round and strict identification and confirmation of the goods to be repaired to ensure the company’s Benefits are not harmed, and effectively improve the quality of customer service.

   Nowadays, all products have barcodes, which are the black and white lines that everyone sees. These designs are designed to facilitate effective management of the products. The information of the bar code itself is actually a string of characters. The content of the character can be obtained by scanning with a dedicated scanner. Therefore, the bar code has no anti-counterfeiting function. The product information can be obtained through the bar code. Encoding rules can be used to find the product information by scanning the barcode code. Leaving the barcode out of the software environment is just a string of characters.

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