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The flow method of the labeling operation and execution of the anti-traffic system

by:LG Printing     2021-03-30
Fleeing goods refers to dealers who do not sell according to the prescribed market area during the product sales process, but sell the products they undertake to other market areas, impacting other dealers and causing market price confusion and market shrinkage; or between dealers Jointly cooperate with frauds, defrauding excess rebates or marketing fees. This kind of fleeing goods has seriously damaged the interests of production enterprises, and effective control should be carried out. Next, I will talk about the process of labeling operation and implementation of anti-smuggling sets of labels.

  一. Solution and process of anti-fleeing goods labeling:

  1. Sleeve label anti-smuggling is a very common anti-smuggling solution. The anti-counterfeiting code and logistics code, and the box label corresponds to the logistics code of a single product. The logistics anti-counterfeiting sleeve label is printed in advance, and the box is a piece or a single product. The shipping unit collects the collector equipment and binds the sales area.

  2. The integrated label anti-smuggling goods is the integration of logistics information coding and anti-counterfeiting digital and product packaging. On the basis of the customer’s original product label, it is modified into an integrated logistics anti-counterfeiting sleeve label that prints the corresponding relationship between the product label of the logistics information and the logistics code of the outer box. The collector equipment is carried out by using the box as a piece or a single product delivery unit. Collect the bound sales area.

  3. Ink coding and anti-smuggling of goods. The ink coding machine prints the production date, batch number and other information while printing the logistics code. The system automatically prints the outer carton logistics barcode label through the printer within the specified packaging specifications. Collect collector equipment and bind the sales area by using boxes as parts or a single product delivery unit.

  4. Machine labeling, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling: The anti-counterfeiting and anti-swifting bottle label is combined with the label content/package of the product for integrated printing label/package, the label is strong against destruction; and automatic labeling by machine, online scanning Correspondence between the customized association and the logistics code of the outer box. For example, there are 38 products in a box. When the machine finishes pasting 38 products, the printer will automatically print a logistics barcode label of the outer box and post it on the outer box, and use the data collector to scan and register the outer box barcode when shipping.

  5. Ink coding, laser coding, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing goods: Install anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing system software, the machine will print the product anti-counterfeiting logistics code while printing the product production date, batch number and other information, and the system will automatically pass The printer prints the outer box logistics barcode label. For example, there are 68 products in a box. When the inkjet printer/laser coding finishes printing 68 products, the printer will automatically print a logistics barcode label on the outer box and post it on the outer box, and use the data collector when shipping. Scan the barcode of the registered outer box

  6. Product anti-counterfeiting rights protection: In the process of market circulation, consumers identify the authenticity of products through digital, and the system analyzes the information from consumers’ inquiries to provide enterprises with powerful anti-counterfeiting data.

The basic principle of    control of fleeing goods is to make quick identification of the identification and anti fleeing system for products sold in different market areas combined with modern management ideas, using automatic identification technology, network and communication technology, and software and hardware integration technology It collects, identifies, organizes, and distributes information about the production, circulation, and consumption of commodities, and uses data and information methods to effectively manage the production, circulation, and consumption of medicines, so as to improve the transparency of channels and customers. The retention power of the product and the trust of the product provide decision-making support for the product enterprise. The management objects covered by the anti-migration system are the three major elements of the market: products, circulation and customers. It is applied to the three aspects of market management: market execution, market control and market analysis.

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