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The effect of qr code anti-counterfeit labels have?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-07
Qr code anti-counterfeiting mark is the kind of anti-counterfeiting technology, nowadays is the gunners suffered enterprise mutual five-star high praise. Qr code anti-counterfeiting mark, then, will have what kind of effect, can let enterprise so warm? Besides a qr code can easily let mobile Internet business transformation development. The role of qr code anti-counterfeit labels: < br />
< br />
1. Qr code anti-counterfeiting mark only awarded system software per 1 item 1 only anti-counterfeiting code and logo on goods or packaging, as if every often only its own id number also, goods can be counterfeit copies but code is only.

  2. Customer is helpful to distinguish and detect the presence of customers don't have to study and training, do tell little skill, just after scan and upload short information, search goods of true and false, is very convenient.

  3. Application of goods every one anti-counterfeiting marker in normal conditions, only applied for many times. Once applied, scraping coating or pull open surface, anti-counterfeiting marker can only more damage, which is different from not apply other anti-counterfeiting marker. Right through very goods or personal items, but after work management system software core of technical solution, after, search for its reasonable and lawful anyone can, frequent search. To expand the application of anti-counterfeiting mark category.

  4. Management methods of identity than anti-counterfeiting marker could be used in all kinds of goods on the application of nationwide phone Internet create up the fake anti-counterfeiting Internet monitor anytime and anywhere, and consistent approach to management.

  5. Fake the timeliness of each 1 digital technology in every time to carry out the system software validation, all can be down system software validation information content, including time, validation, contact phone number, etc. According to a certain item with anti-counterfeiting digital technology by search of frequency, and the origin of the query number, and can identify the authenticity of goods, can identify counterfeit goods belongs to regional, can immediately the balance of supply and demand, the case clues to tell him the legal department, immediately against counterfeiters. Advantage advantages: < br />
< br />
1. Anti-counterfeiting function < br />
< br />
fake goods is becoming more and more products anti-counterfeiting is imminent, qr code anti-counterfeiting system, take the initiative to generate encryption qr code, made into qr code anti-counterfeit labels, no imitation, easy to check its authenticity. Businesses use this qr code anti-counterfeit labels, your users WeChat scan, can check product authenticity.

  2. Interactive marketing < br />
< br />
in the qr code label we can assign anti-counterfeiting and marketing module, consumers after sweeping check code anti-counterfeiting, can also participate in the award points, a red envelope, and send CARDS vouchers and a series of interactive marketing activities, using marketing activities to help enterprise retained into powder, establish enterprise loyal customer group, improve the product sales and brand awareness.

  3. Prevent the transregional < br />
< br />
just fake goods, agents transregional, disorderly price seriously? Anti-counterfeiting transregional prevention system to qr code anti-counterfeiting transregional label as the carrier, will unify anti-counterfeiting and channeling prevention function, companies to check agent, authorization, consumer products true and false. Qr code anti-counterfeiting transregional labels, anti-counterfeiting code and logistics code one-to-one correspondence, if found to have the agent channeling goods, price, you can turn off the anti-fake function, let consumer cannot check anti-counterfeiting, for agents to sell goods, safeguarding market order and brand reputation.

  4. Traceability tracking < br />
< br />
create different products for different industry traceability tracking system, the implementation of the different forms of product traceability for different industry function, system back to the source code for products alone, let consumer through WeChat scan code, can be done from the source to the production, quality inspection, packaging, sales of all links such as tracking. To promote the credibility of the product, increase sales credibility and loyalty. Realize the source can be checked, go back, the responsibility to rectify, risk control, quality can jian.


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