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The effect of anti-counterfeit labels and production

by:LG Printing     2021-01-31
Anti-counterfeit label use anti-counterfeiting printing technology, mainly used in the paper, at first check, bonds, equities and negotiable securities anti-counterfeiting products such as paper vouchers. With the development of market economy and the impact on the brand goods, counterfeit printing anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeit label products won a wide application. High anti-counterfeit labels can provide products with rubber seals, comprehensive performance strong anti-fake function, and can provide a single waterproof warning labels and cell phone warranty nut label, has certain anti counterfeit or prevent transfer, failure to identify and prevent the transregional traceability management, and other functions. Anti-counterfeit label products often used in all walks of life since the self-adhesive stickers labels are widely used in all walks of life, in the form of with a variety of independent carries an anti-counterfeit label for the different functions. Anti-counterfeiting tags: < br />
< br />
1. Anti-counterfeit label brand protection < br />
< br />
anti-fake label product design is novel, peculiar thinking and strong anti-fake function etc, and have a mystique. Strength in forgery prevention aspect, from the physical security proof copy, forgery prevention, public easy to recognize, merchants to facilitate inspection and verification, and to provide legal basis for the enterprise brand, highlights the labeling reaction product is genuine, real goods, high credibility, and reveal the status of the brand products in the market.

  2. Market effect of anti-counterfeit labels < br />
< br />
in view of the enterprise internal and external production management, supply chain management, price management, network management, resource management and marketing management, etc. , on the source of the whole production enterprises; Closed loop regulation, at the same time manage the membership system, client interaction integral marketing + + mobile + big data analysis of cashier, directional push + + personalized inventory management, etc. , effective security and the security of Internet management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of manufacturers and consumers. Anti-counterfeit label production: < br />
< br />
1. In the tag within the limited space, want to have the basic design elements corresponding functions such as design, LOGO, text content < br />
< br />
2. In the heart of space is important in combination with different process;

  3. Designed to prevent the imitation of all sorts of text design anti-counterfeiting function;

  4. For customers to design an anti-counterfeit label for the ease of use, and do not make the production of high difficulty, all in all to facilitate or mass production is to reduce expenditures. Anti-counterfeit label product design principle: < br />
< br />
1. Choose some special physical token, designed to make the special tag imitators to easy to overlook, or generic designers are easy to see and after special physical tokens have obvious difference.

  2. Choose generic difficulty anti-counterfeiting element design, also can choose investment expensive equipment and material production methods, it is also a national notes, checks, bonds, stocks and marketable securities such as paper vouchers are generally used methods of production.

  3. Make full use of the public is easy to identify, easy to identify, visual recognition, or with the help of a simple tool to identify methods to complete the design of anti-counterfeiting, it is difficult to realize, is easily accepted by customers and merchants of anti-counterfeiting technology.

  4. Make full use of every company equipment, according to the equipment and production technology were inserted corresponding anti-counterfeiting technology, make the security design of personalized.

  5. Design of special marker to identify into, special ink, special materials, special process and special equipment such as combination method. < br />
< br />
anti-counterfeit label is not simply use some anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting printing ink, and the way of design and by different raw materials, a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology, but different printing process, different ways of printing and all kinds of printing ink anti-counterfeit label for the combination design of product. Although we can't stop counterfeiters imitation behavior, but if use hard to fake the high and new technology, and to identify products consumers authenticity of basic knowledge, is the public recognition, can rise to the curb fraud anti-counterfeiting function.

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