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The difference between self-adhesive printing and traditional packaging printing

by:LG Printing     2021-08-27

The self-adhesive label is also called self-adhesive label. It is a kind of polymer material with printing paper, plastic film or special raw material as fabric, adhesive coated on the reverse side, and silicone-coated maintenance paper as the base paper. After packaging and printing , Film cutting and other production processing become finished product identification. It can be applied to the surface of various sheets by simply detaching it from the bottom paper and pressing it gently. It can also be applied to the automatic labeling machine in the production line for automatic labeling.

What are the differences between self-adhesive printing and traditional self-adhesive printing? Compared with the traditional logo, the self-adhesive printing process is more complicated, and the regulations on the characteristics of machinery and equipment and the code of conduct of packaging and printing employees are also higher. Compared with traditional logos, self-adhesive printing requires no glue, no batter, no water, no environmental pollution, save labeling time, and it is convenient and convenient to use in various places. Various signs of different fabrics, adhesives, and backing paper can be used as raw materials that cannot be used as ordinary printed paper signs. It can be said: Self-adhesive is an all-around logo.

The difference between self-adhesive printing and traditional packaging printing: self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, which are printed Paper, plastic film or special raw material is cloth, the reverse side is coated with adhesive, and silicon-coated maintenance paper is a kind of polymer material. After packaging, printing, film cutting and other production processes, it becomes a finished product identification. The price is decided based on the specifications, which specifications are clearly listed on the packaging and printing. The price of the knife version is clearly defined by the pattern. It depends on whether there are other post-work, such as: sub-film, UV, hot stamping and other processing techniques, which are determined by comprehensive factors.

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