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The development function characteristics of product anti-traffic management system and the role of anti-counterfeit trademark

by:LG Printing     2021-04-20
How to deal with anti-counterfeiting marks and anti-sweeping goods? The development of anti-sweeping goods management system can reasonably assist the company to deal with the problems of counterfeiting and counterfeit goods. The company created an anti-counterfeiting management system for developing products with anti-counterfeiting labels, which can process and track incoming products, and maintain full-cycle management methods in the product manufacturing stage, market sales stage, commodity circulation stage, and service project stage.

  1. Detailed introduction of the product anti-smuggling management system

   The technology and product developed by the product anti-channeling management system carry out one-to-one identification codes, and use encryption algorithms to convert them into any data. The encryption digital technology is stored in the system database query software, so each product usually has; identification code . According to this identification code, the inflow of the product is recorded when the product is out of the warehouse, and the sales market law enforcement officers distinguish the goods according to the product freight logistics code.

   2. The functional characteristics of the development of product anti-smuggling management system

  1. The development and maintenance of the product anti-channeling management system transfers the statistical data collection automation technology to the system software, getting rid of the links of manual production and writing bills, and sending them to the host room for typing processing, which can greatly Improve work efficiency.

  2. The development of a cargo management system based on product anti-channels converts a large amount of paper text information required for bills into electronic equipment statistics, which improves the speed and accuracy of manufacturing statistics and reduces the difficulty of summarizing statisticians.

  3. Developed a product anti-channel cargo management system, eliminated the actual operation of manual services in transaction management, reduced invalid labor, prevented the increase in the total amount of warehouses due to prohibited information content, and improved asset utilization Wait.

  3. The benefits of the company's creation of a product anti-smuggling management system

  1. Product quotation management system is chaotic

   Method price policy is chaotic, price control is difficult, marketing discipline is chaotic, product anti-smuggling management system is developed, product quotation can be managed uniformly, and sales market management system can be coordinated.

  2. Difficult dealer management

   product freight management system development, unified management methods to agent personal behavior, the company can automatically evaluate the sales performance of each agent through the use of system software, carry out better agents and rewards, and attract agents based on low human resource costs and zero energy .

  3. Low prices hurt the profits of manufacturers

   The situation of agents fleeing, fleeing, and arranging goods immediately led to low profits for manufacturers, and loyal agents lost confidence in well-known brands. The development of the product anti-smuggling management system avoids the trend of chaotic development from the root cause, and manages agents rationally in the process.

  4. Cross-products damage corporate image

  Freating and counterfeiting goods can easily corrode well-known brands and reduce customers’ awareness of well-known brands. The development of anti-fleeing merchandise management system can open anti-counterfeiting signs to the outside world and prohibit a large number of counterfeiting in illegal shops; the system can Avoid acting as an agent for the goods, maintain the reputation of well-known brands, protect the rights and interests of customers, and achieve sustainable development for the company.

   There will be a market when there is demand. In the market with more and more counterfeit and inferior products, many companies will choose anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit packaging and other materials to protect the image of their products. The use of anti-counterfeit labels can also make consumers more Good to distinguish the authenticity! The purpose of anti-counterfeiting labels is much more than that, such as sales, promotion, marketing and so on. Customize anti-counterfeiting labels to learn more about anti-counterfeiting. Welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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