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The debut of dripping anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-13
What are the magical functions of drip anti-counterfeiting labels? In fact, it is a unique printing ink added. The special plate-making technology is used to hide the graphics and text from the naked eye. Anti-counterfeiting can only be achieved through water droplets. When the water droplets and the ink react to each other, they will play a role. This is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology developed on the basis of drip filtration technology. It uses selective irradiation and etching to directly make translucent micropores in the label part, and also distributes extra ink. To form a specific picture.

  一. How to use

   Find the anti-counterfeiting symbol that the dripping disappears on the label. Take a small drop of water and place it on the label. The dripping anti-counterfeiting text or picture hidden in the label will appear flexibly.

  二. Separable form

  1. The reversible decolorizing ink is water-based ink, also known as water-changing ink. The color of the picture or text printed with this ink changes from white to colorless after dripping water, and the color is restored after the water evaporates,

  Anti-counterfeiting effect: from colored to colorless, such as white to colorless, etc. Printing method: silk screen.

  2. Irreversible moisture-sensitive loose ink is water-based ink, also known as loose ink in contact with water.

  The pictures or text printed with this ink will gradually penetrate and loosen after encountering water, and the picture or text will become blurred. The loose color will not return to the original picture after the water is monotonous. After the mark printed with this ink is checked, the mark cannot be reused, and it is used to check whether mobile phone batteries, electrical appliances and other products are exposed to water.

  Anti-counterfeiting effect: loose from the colored, so that the original content is no longer restored. Printing method: silk screen, gravure printing.

  三. Anti-counterfeiting principle of disappearing dripping

   It is a relatively simple anti-counterfeiting technology, which is accomplished by adding its printing ink and other plate-making processes. It hides the text or image together and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It can only use water droplets to interact with the ink. The chemical reaction reaches the effect of the disappearance of dripping water.

   Four. Simple steps

   Dripping anti-counterfeiting labels are made of moisture-sensitive materials through unwinding-coating-liquid bath-drying-winding process, and then after printing hidden information-surface treatment-composite humidity-sensitive material-moisture-sensitive layer surface treatment-wet The surface of the sensitive layer is printed-surface-treated-molded. The anti-counterfeit label made by this process, consumers only need to apply water or alcohol and other transparent liquids on the surface of the logo when identifying, and the surface of the logo immediately becomes transparent, showing hidden information With pictures and texts, you can immediately know the authenticity of the product.

   drip anti-counterfeiting labels are suitable for various categories in various industries, especially for digital, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, car accessories and other products. It is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label that is very popular among enterprises, because its identification method is very simple, and it is convenient for customers to inquire about the authenticity of the product. More importantly, the cost of this kind of anti-counterfeiting label is relatively low. At present, a brand-new anti-counterfeiting technology in the anti-counterfeiting industry uses ultra-microporous anti-counterfeiting materials as substrates. This anti-counterfeiting material is called moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting material. Moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting material is a nano-scale microporous film material produced by a special process and equipment. The micropores are arranged on the surface according to a certain regular distribution, and the pores have strong hydrophilic properties, so the film material is exposed to water, etc. When the liquid is transparent, the material will immediately become transparent.

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