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The current design is increasingly emphasizing its ease of use, which is also called inclusiveness. In short, it is a design that everyone can easily use,

by:LG Printing     2020-03-18
In order to make products serve people equally, designers have made many attempts in this respect. In recent years, a large number of seemingly good concepts have appeared in major design competitions, but unfortunately there are very few that can really fall to the ground, so there is not much substantial help. But in general, things are still moving in a good direction. Microsoft's redesigned Xbox handle set for people with disabilities has always been difficult to achieve for people with vision defects. Considering that the eye is one of the main sensory organs of the human body, its absence will greatly limit the way we consume information, data and content, the design for the visually impaired is often a huge challenge, and braille has not yet been fully popularized. The main reason is that Braille printers are very professional and expensive. The emergence of Vrailler means that the prejudice of high professional threshold, difficult operation and high price of Braille printers has been broken. Vrailler Braille printer has three characteristics. First, its structure is very simple-- It consists of two perforated plastic plates, a plastic splint and a set of plastic sticks. Secondly, its principle is also very clear, just put the special sticker between the bottom plate and the splint to form an indentation. Last but not least, Vrailler is much cheaper than other Braille printers. Vrailler can be used to print Braille in many different languages, which also makes its usability more potential, and almost anyone can learn how to use it. Just find the text you want according to the alphabet, then arrange the bumps in the groove, clip the sticker in the partition, and press to print the required Braille. These stickers can be used for food packaging, medicine jars and even books and business cards. And as long as the positions of the bumps are arranged, you can use Vrailler to print repeatedly. In this way, daily necessities can also be easily identified by visually impaired people. Due to its low cost, Vrailler is also very suitable for schools, which is helpful for students to learn and promote Braille and facilitate children with visual disabilities to obtain information. It can also be used in public places such as offices to make them more inclusive. Vrailler is small in size and easy to carry (Can be put into a pocket) , Allowing you to print out Braille notes quickly, so that everyone can obtain the necessary information and become a bridge for blind people to 'see' the world.
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