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The cosmetics market is very large and the profits are also very large, which also leads to illegal traders producing fake and shoddy products, damaging the rights and interests of consumers, cosmetics II

by:LG Printing     2020-02-11
I. What are the benefits of using two-dimensional codes to prevent fake labels in cosmetics? At present, the main marketing channels of the cosmetics industry are: E-commerce, offline stores and WeChat, of which WeChat and e-commerce are hot spots. However, how to make consumers recognize your products and make anti-counterfeiting labels will show its value and significance. Consumers can quickly and effectively promote consumers' identification of products through the anti-counterfeiting inquiry system, this is also the primary reason why the cosmetics industry needs to make anti-counterfeiting labels. 2. The production of cosmetic anti-counterfeiting labels not only solves the anti-counterfeiting problem of products, but also the current anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve one thing and one yard. The realization of this function has a very subjective advantage for the promotion of WeChat business. 3. The production of cosmetic anti-counterfeiting labels can also solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of commodities for enterprises. With the emergence of distribution, multi-level management is particularly important. Information Tracking after product delivery and subsequent distributor management directly determine the development of the enterprise. Therefore, distributor management and distributor management must adopt a set of management methods to effectively solve the problems existing in the development, first of all, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label can be used in combination with WeChat. Second, it is more difficult for new brands to enter the market than consumers to trust your products. In the system, it cannot be repeatedly received and tampered with after scanning based on one certificate, one code, one certificate and two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code with legal effect provides enterprises and the government with an integrated solution of public opinion monitoring, early warning, analysis and disposal. 2. Two-dimensional code belongs to low-cost digital anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing just in laser anti-counterfeiting label on the print two-dimensional code level. The double scope of laser anti-counterfeiting label and two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is given without increasing too much cost, thus saving capital investment for enterprises. 3. By scanning and associating the product QR code on the platform, the tracking of product circulation data can be realized, the channel management can be improved, the disorderly behavior of commodity prices among agents can be prevented, and the logistics cost of enterprises can be reduced, improve the efficiency of enterprise management. 4. Through the application of cosmetic two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label platform, with anti-counterfeiting as the entrance, it can seamlessly connect multiple network channels, realize offline and online connection, provide low-cost drainage for enterprise shopping malls, and enhance brand influence. Every two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label of the product can be added with anti-counterfeiting function, and consumers should pay more attention to scanning and verifying authenticity. In this way, for your company's WeChat, you can get effective fans without spending a penny. By verifying the authenticity, you can get points, red packets, lottery, market, etc, the product is placed directly on WeChat, which directly increases the sales volume of the product. The e-commerce fan base is also expanding. As long as there is a product sales, it will continue to spread to you for promotion!
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