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The correct way of using the 'unlocked' stickers

by:LG Printing     2021-01-28

stickers although widely used in our life, but its normal usage is also very important, only the correct use of stickers, to achieve the best use effect.

in the use of stickers should be tested before adhesive viscosity and adhesive is adhesive, heat sealing glue or glue paper, some adhesive will react to a particular material is bad for our use of he, some stickers need brief under the condition of exposure will have a lasting viscous, and part of the stickers may in some paste viscosity can be lost on the surface, this needs us to have certain understanding of the kinds of stickers.

second, but also pay attention to the correct way to paste, paste to master the correct way, you need to understand the composition of stickers, stickers on paper, film or special material for fabrics, coated with adhesive on the back, with coated silicon bottom paper to protect the paper a kind of composite material, and after printing, die cutting and other processing to become the finished product labeling and so on only when the application from the bottom paper, gently a, can be posted to all kinds of the surface of the base material, also can use labeling machine automatic labeling on the production line, but you have to try to keep the label straight, to crack a paper backing from the top or at the bottom of the center, to ensure that labels well bonded to the surface, and also note when pasting temperature, low temperature will reduce the speed of the binder, before the adhesive cement surface, label sticker may have peeling off from the surface, so also should pay attention to the temperature of the control.

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