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The core standard of anti-counterfeiting label printing production

by:LG Printing     2021-03-08
The use of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels facilitates consumers' inquiries and fidelity, and at the same time may greatly increase product sales. In essence, its production needs to meet the different needs and functional planning of the product. For example, some companies aim to combat counterfeit products, and some companies can effectively improve product credibility through anti-counterfeiting company services and serve as publicity points for product external promotion.

   For example, anti-counterfeiting trademarks can now be combined with points redemption, promotion redemption, WeChat red envelopes and other marketing methods to increase their management functions. The printed QR code anti-counterfeiting label has a marketing promotion function, which can effectively help companies complete sales tasks, expand markets, and maintain profits. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you: We are a high-tech anti-counterfeiting company with nearly ten years of experience in anti-counterfeiting label production and service accumulation. Based on the feedback and needs of many customers, we summarized and summarized the problems and demands of many customers. Sorting and sorting.

   The printing and production of anti-counterfeiting labels is actually a very complicated process. Because anti-counterfeiting technologies include hundreds of kinds, the anti-counterfeiting technologies required by different anti-counterfeiting labels are also different, and the functions required by different customers are even different. Therefore, how companies should choose anti-counterfeiting label technology is also different. Each sticker printing, from the generation of the anti-counterfeiting data code to the successful production of the anti-counterfeiting label, has more than 20 different processes. Not only digital anti-counterfeiting can be clearly distinguished by everyone, we require that the physical anti-counterfeiting trademarks made through anti-counterfeiting technology can also be fully recognized by the naked eye.

   Consumers can easily distinguish authenticity is a basic need. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label printing must be able to identify the authenticity of the label with the naked eye or a simple method that consumers can choose. The anti-counterfeiting feature must be very obvious, and it can be effectively and quickly identified for consumers.

  Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting also needs to increase the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting technology and increase the cost of counterfeiters. The vast majority of QR code anti-counterfeiting label production technologies are very complex and diverse, and ordinary counterfeiters can’t make them at all or can research them out at a higher price than the product itself. For the market’s anti-counterfeiting needs, Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company uses Shanghai The technology Ru0026D team of Jiaotong University carries out the development and upgrade of anti-counterfeiting technology, and uses our designers to make careful planning, and then achieves that it can provide different anti-counterfeiting technology solutions according to the different needs of the enterprise.

  In addition to the obvious technical years of the appearance of the anti-counterfeiting label, there are many hidden anti-counterfeiting technologies to choose from. In this way, the goal of beautiful appearance and real and effective interior is achieved.

  Good anti-counterfeiting technology not only needs to be easily identified, but also difficult to copy. According to the product design needs, the QR code produced is high in anti-counterfeiting level, beautiful and generous, which can invisibly improve the quality of the product and the image of the brand. attention.

  A good anti-counterfeiting mark must be able to prevent transfer and be reused. In order to prevent criminals from removing the labels for secondary use, or buying discarded labels, most of our labels have solved the problem of anti-transfer. Usually the label is completely destroyed once it is lifted or scraped off, or the damage is obvious, making it impossible for criminals to use it for the second time, and then stick to other products to harm people.

   Therefore, in label printing production, marketing management functions such as appearance, internality, and anti-smuggling must be performed well, and other core functions must be planned, otherwise, the anti-counterfeiting effect will be very poor.
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