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The commonly used materials for self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are self-adhesive paper, laser (Laser) Materials, transparent labels, fragile paper, VOID, etc.

by:LG Printing     2020-03-10
In addition, other materials, such as transparent materials (Mostly used for sealing tags and bottle labels) , Coated paper, such as certificates, certificates, tickets, vouchers and other securities. Plastic or metal materials, such as poultry and livestock foot rings, aquatic products anti-counterfeiting and traceability marks, etc. In terms of anti-counterfeiting technology, the commonly used ones are: digital anti-counterfeiting ( Generally: scratch-open digital anti-counterfeiting label, uncovering digital anti-counterfeiting label and unmarked anti-counterfeiting label) , Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, heating discoloration, dripping disappeared (Text or pattern) , Safety line paper, fluorescent fiber paper, miniature text, point reading (Voice recognition)Technology, various anti-transfer technologies, VOID (Uncover the characters), FRID (Radio frequency chip identification technology)Wait. I. Digital anti-counterfeiting labels, 20-bit unordered anti-counterfeiting codes are generated by the system, which is equivalent to each unit packaging product having its own unique identity number. When consumers purchase products, identify the authenticity of the product by calling, querying the website, and scanning the QR code. As shown in the figure: the above figure shows the sample drawing, two-dimensional code and anti-counterfeiting code of the paper scratch-off digital anti-counterfeiting label for demonstration only, and does not have the inquiry function. Please know, 2: laser anti-counterfeiting label, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as laser anti-counterfeiting labels and holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, are the representatives of the first generation of anti-counterfeiting labels. The advantages of the labels are: beautiful appearance, and the templates cannot be completely copied, that is to say, it is impossible to be completely imitated. The disadvantage is that although it cannot be completely extracted, it is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, after the appearance of the second generation of anti-counterfeiting labels represented by digital anti-counterfeiting. Was quickly replaced. The popularity of digital anti-counterfeiting. The industry combines laser anti-counterfeiting with digital anti-counterfeiting, which retains the advantages of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. At the same time, it has the security of digital anti-counterfeiting labels and the convenient and quick features of inquiry. Pure laser anti-counterfeiting label, laser scraping anti-counterfeiting label, laser uncovering anti-counterfeiting label, three: special material anti-counterfeiting label VOID (Uncover the characters)Fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label (Can add digital query) Anti-Counterfeiting paper with safety line (Currency Anti-counterfeiting technology)Click to read (Tag hidden speech reading and recognition technology)Made in China (Business) Quality supervision 315 anti-counterfeiting traceability system Contact: 18500102315 (WeChat synchronization)
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