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The color card printing in the causes of the uneven ink products

by:LG Printing     2021-01-29

now printing offset printing is the main way of printing. But as a result of offset lithography are often due to the fault of the output system raise print misregister, inky the problem of uneven, serious and even could not be printed, we can't finish delivery on time to make, this is a need to be solved and concern, will now take you simply know the reasons causing uneven ink printing products.

the causes of uneven ink printing products have the following

( 1) Due to preach water and ink, ink and ink painting the rubber roll by version of the cylindricity wear serious, and the bearing shaft head wear, rubber roller skin aging, so as to make the ink transfer ability decline.

( 2) Wra-fluey set of aging or poor quality water falling water transfer ability.

( 3) Because layer peeling series water roll degrees, cylindricity wear out-of-tolerance, makes the surface of thin layer JiMo, two head grow part have JiMo zone, thus cause the roller Li bunch of uneven ink.

( 4) Not regularly check the ink roller and version of the drum and by version of the ink roller pressure.

( 5) If the drum gear wear out-of-tolerance, appear the same as the gear spacing of regular 'gear ink bar'.

( 6) Support on version of water, ink roller, locks swing bracket, serious wear and tear, and cause the rubber roller pressure by beating the release by version is not stable, produce ink imbalance, appear uneven ink, dry plate, ink, rely on the phenomenon such as rubber roller pressure is overweight.

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