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The characteristics of the non-drying label adhesive

by:LG Printing     2021-01-25

the non-drying label adhesive has the characteristics of several typical, including initial adhesive viscosity, final viscosity, viscosity and flow ability, cold resistant features such as ultraviolet ability, now the main give you a brief introduction of these features.

a, the initial viscosity.

tag to tiny pressure between adhesive and substrate contact, the effect on adhesion of base material known as binders initial adhesion, also known as can start at the beginning of viscosity. The initial viscosity of label base material after contact, immediately generate a lot of adhesion, remove labels needs certain force; And the initial viscosity small label after the contact surface of base material, show the small adhesion, label is easy to remove.

2, final viscosity.

when the adhesive into the base material surface, labels can get the maximum adhesion called final viscosity. Maximize the final viscosity of time depends on the strength of the adhesive and roughness on the surface of the base material and environment temperature.

3, the viscosity.

is one of the types of adhesives cohesive force measurements, said adhesive softness. Low resistance to shear strength, label from the substrate separation when they need large pulling force. When the adhesive has high bonding strength, labels separate from the base material is very easy, don't need a large force.

4, cold flow ability.

is under below normal temperature, the flow of adhesive ability. Adhesive with good cold flow ability called type or general type adhesive at low temperature.

solvent resistant ability.

is said adhesive application in a solvent environment, not reduce the ability of cohesive force. These solvents, including water, alcohol, oil, solvents in chemical products and organic solvents, plasticizer, etc, the application circumstances of these solvents exist in the labels or some of the substrate surface.

the non-drying label adhesive ability of resistance to ultraviolet radiation is its under uv irradiation, also won't lose their cohesive force and change the color of a kind of ability. All is the simple introduction the characteristics of the pressure sensitive adhesive several oh!

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