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The application of self-adhesive label paper

by:LG Printing     2021-01-25

everybody is very familiar with the non-drying label paper, self-adhesive label paper is everywhere in our daily production and life, and plays a big role. So the non-drying label paper can be used in what place? Now let's look at it.

the non-drying label paper application is as follows:

packing: wheat head tag, letters, packaging, transport of goods, postal parcels, envelope address labels. The non-drying label

electronics: mobile phone inside tags, various kinds of electrical appliances, notebook PC tag, mechanical and electrical products.

: commodity price tags, product labels, shelf labels, bar code label, drugs label.

management: the book tag, car inspection tags, security tags, property. Stickers

office: file documents tag, archives preservation, all kinds of goods and stationery.

production: marked on raw materials, processed products, finished product tag, inventory management.

chemical: paint material marking, gasoline engine oil product packaging label of solvent and various special products.

: other anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption, tags, security tags. Barcode carbon belt

jewelry, jewelry tag labels, tags tags are likely to stick on.

clothing, clothing tag, washing label. Bar code label

the airport, boarding pass and baggage tag.

ticket, train ticket, long-distance bus ticket.

other: votes, highway tolls, parking lot.

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