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The amount of coating adhesive effects on the performance of the adhesive material and the processing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-21

adhesive coating weight is important index influencing the performances of adhesive materials, adhesive coating weight need to be on the basis of different seasons, different areas and the situation of the temperature and humidity to determine, can also according to customer requirements or special purpose to increase or decrease coating.

just generally speaking, the winter than the summer of large amount of coating. Rough surface of the substrate is larger than the number of smooth the surface of the substrate coating. Coating weight how much is associated with self-adhesive materials bond, in a certain range, cohesive force and the coating weight is proportional to the, but there is a certain limit.

coating weight on the properties of adhesive materials processing and affect the following

too large amount of coating in the

a, seep phenomenon, especially in the summer, there will be a roll end surface adhesion or sheet-fed stick together, resulting in waste, make it more difficult to store.

2, secondly makes cutting drum and cut a more difficult and easy viscose on blade and stick onto paper or face, brings to the printing process.

3, when the transfer paper on the printing machine will deepen difficulties, sheet-fed must face powder coating. Adhesive bonding often lose a cardboard, affect normal feed and position alignment effect.

4, the label of the large amount of glue after the goods, will seep, surrounding the label stick on the black border is formed after dust, affect beautiful. When high temperature label will also appear on commodities mobile dislocation phenomenon.

when the coating weight through the hour

one, will affect the viscosity, make it easy to label fell off the goods, especially rough surface or surface.

2, will affect material structure, namely between the surface and bottom paper material of the mold force is too small to make material layer, or when the die cutting waste label off together with the waste paper edge, can't normal production.

it is to give everyone a brief introduction about the coating weight of adhesive material performance and the influence of the construction, want to know more information, welcome to oh.

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