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Take you on a simple know about the idea of printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-29

in the printing, digital printing, offset printing is now the mainstream way of printing, but the idea of printing for many years has been in the field of printing has a piece of heaven and earth. Even if the relative to the mainstream way of printing have a relatively small market share.

puzzle printing is very suitable for small print runs up a way of printing, his advantage is that the plate making and printing boot fee allocation, reduce the printing cost. Will now take you simply know the idea of printing together!

so what is a puzzle printing? Specifically, the idea of printing is to put a few impressions of the same paper and different customer different calendar, calendar or the same customer focus split in the same group of pages, with offset press printed cutting again, this process is called a puzzle printing. Digital information technology, calendar can be stored as electronic archives, USES the idea of software automatically puzzle, speed, and can transfer on the Internet, therefore is also called network puzzle printing. Shenzhen is one of the most developed area of domestic printing industry, some of the printing enterprises in shenzhen puzzle order quantity is very considerable. It is also a puzzle printing can always occupy a piece of heaven and earth in the field of printing.

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