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Take a look at the uniqueness of the code anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2021-04-05
With the rapid economic development, the function of anti-counterfeiting labels is not only to identify the authenticity of products. Many companies feel that anti-counterfeiting is useless and do not pay much attention to anti-counterfeiting, either because of the price or the trouble, or because they are not sufficiently aware of the long-term harm caused by the anti-counterfeiting. Some companies still use the anti-counterfeiting methods years ago. In fact, the current anti-counterfeiting labels have a more important meaning, in which code anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in our lives, so what are their principles and characteristics? It will be introduced below.

  一. What is a code anti-counterfeiting label

  Code anti-counterfeiting label is the abbreviation of telephone secret code anti-counterfeiting, its purpose is to establish a unique code for each identity verification entering the network, and store this code in the database, and establish a reliable telephone query system all over the world . Consumers can know the authenticity of the goods only by dialing the phone and entering the password of the goods. When they buy the anti-counterfeiting code of the product and the anti-counterfeiting label of the authentic product, it breaks through the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting products and is easily approved by consumers. Anti-counterfeiting and difficult to determine.

  二. Principle

   The principle is to set a unique password for each identity that enters the network, and store the password in the database, and establish a reliable telephone inquiry system across the country. When consumers purchase the product code anti-counterfeiting mark, they only need to call and input the password product to understand the authenticity of the product, thus breaking through the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting products, it is easy to be approved by consumers and difficult to determine. With the development of information technology, the current code anti-counterfeiting query method can be inquired through information, network, etc., which is called digital anti-counterfeiting.

  三. Features

   1. The uniqueness of the logo. Any code anti-counterfeiting mark is unique; it can only be used once in the entire process, and counterfeiters cannot copy and reuse it.

  2. The reliability of anti-counterfeiting. It condenses the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of many high-tech methods. Even if the anti-counterfeiting personnel master the manufacturing method of the anti-counterfeiting mark, they cannot effectively copy the anti-counterfeiting mark of the product; neither mass production and use, nor economic and time gains and losses. Realize the organic unity of technology transfer and anti-counterfeiting.

  3. Simple identification. No matter when and where, consumers can enter the identification code through the program-controlled telephone, and the computer system will automatically recognize it, so as to obtain relevant information about the manufacturer, the authenticity of the product, and so on. The whole process only takes tens of seconds.

  4. Unified management. This anti-counterfeiting mark can be used on any commodity. Using the national telephone network, a national anti-counterfeiting network can be established. It can be monitored and managed at any time.

   5. Functional scalability. In addition to product anti-counterfeiting and providing related services for Internet companies, code anti-counterfeiting can also play a unique role in combating smuggling, ticket management, and network marketing, greatly reducing the cost of manual anti-counterfeiting.

  4. Distinguish

   Code anti-counterfeiting label: The anti-counterfeiting code can only be used once. When a consumer inquires once, the secondary inquiry system will prompt that the anti-counterfeiting code has been used, and the consumer can easily detect counterfeiting and refuse to counterfeit.

  Code anti-counterfeiting technology has been widely used in anti-counterfeiting label products. It can be combined with multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies such as laser anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, texture anti-counterfeiting, template anti-counterfeiting, and information anti-counterfeiting. Products are widely used in food, medicine, health care products, electronic products and other fields. Its forms include digital scratches, digital disclosures, joint anti-counterfeiting marks, and anti-counterfeiting scratch cards. Its material can be paper adhesive, polyvinyl chloride, laser film, copper plate and so on.

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