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Stickers should be how to save?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-24

stickers for sign mark is skilled, storage time not too long, or adhesive will be failure, become hard not sticky, if there is no reasonable way to save will accelerate this process. So how do we save the stickers?

the first thing to moisture, to store under the suitable humidity, generally relatively suitable humidity in 23 + 2 ℃ and RH65 plus or minus 5%, can extend the storage time. Suitable for stickers storage temperature, can't overheating too cold to avoid direct contact with sunshine, attention should be paid to prevent bask in.

second, stickers also should pay attention to the outer packing, storing the stickers had better use plastic film packing, and after each use to seal again good to store, so they can provide better storage conditions for the label. For packaging good also to put right, is like this package, when erect, ping zhang register should level off, and each plate height should not exceed 1 m, goods more than 10 cm from the ground, must pay attention to the layered together, not overweight, to prevent the osmotic glue adhesion.

also should pay attention to the material of stickers at the same time, different materials may be different to the requirement of environment, as long as the suitable environment can store 1 - generally 2 years.

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