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Stickers in the different structure of the bottom paper and printing and processing properties

by:LG Printing     2021-01-24

the bottom paper stickers also has a lot of different types, different types of bottom paper also have different characteristics, accordingly to the following by the simple several different bottom paper structure and the effect of printing processing features introduce simple! ! ! !

a, super light at the end of paper. Is a kind of high-grade kraft paper, the super smooth surface can be even after the calender, less silicon, high tightness when can increase the strength of the bottom paper, minimize the die-cutting can use pressure to get the best effect of the die cutting. Super calender bottom paper, uniform thickness, belongs to the translucent paper, suitable for high-speed die-cutting drum paper processing and automatic labeling. Weakness is sensitive to environmental humidity, dimension stability is poor, not suitable for cutting into a single processing.

2, pressure light at the end of paper machine. Is a kind of class in kraft paper, surface coating, surface smooth, after common calender process closely, can be coated silicone oil well. Machining the bottom paper has certain thickness of the calender, belongs to the opaque bottom paper, the biggest advantage is smooth, good dimensional stability, can be printed on the back, suitable for sheet-fed printing and print.

3, plastic coated on the surface of the bottom paper. Kraft paper in front of the coated silicon coating a layer to increase the surface smoothness, decrease in coating of silicone oil and increase the strength and the size of the stability of the bottom paper. The bottom of the plastic coated paper of low cost, high strength, suitable for web and sheet-fed printing, printing can be printed on the back, is the most used at the bottom of the paper.

4, the bottom of the plastic film paper. Its features are: surface level off is smooth, waterproof, strength, good transparency, rubber coating is transferred into a smooth mirror surface layer, especially suitable for high speed labeling, there will be no bottom paper fracture phenomenon. Disadvantage is high cost, is sensitive to temperature and tension, not back.

it is the simple introduction of several different bottom paper, and when you do the printing according to the features of their own need to understand related to do better choice!

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