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Stickers and traditional stickers 'battle'

by:LG Printing     2021-01-24

usually stickers applied to every corner of our life, whether in the daily life of daily life or high-end business cannot leave the stickers.

stickers not only make our life more convenient, also makes the development of social in constant progress, so the non-drying label than traditional label for our life work exactly what are the advantages? Let's get together to discuss below.

use can do anything to describe stickers wouldn't feel coxcombical, don't need a glue stick or brush can easily fix paste, can be used in any time, any place, also better than traditional stickers to save time, save costs, more convenient, so can not use the traditional stickers of can be used easily.

the production of stickers, have very high request for the machinery and equipment, its all working procedure is a one-time, not limited by way of printing, is also a difference with traditional stickers.

most stickers width smaller, so the printing speed, produce less waste, so the investment is not high, but be quick.

many stickers function, the products can be widely used in food, cosmetics and barcode, also used for electronic products, mechanical products under the special environment such as signs, etc.

shenzhen co. , LTD. Is the stickers manufacturers, can be customized various stickers, raw materials in line with the eu environmental directives, the products are accord with national testing standards, have any questions, we will solve in time, just to let you at ease.

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