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Sticker paper material and characteristics of common

by:LG Printing     2021-03-02

the non-drying label is often used in our life, one of the components is the surface material, do you know what are the commonly used surface material? The material of surface and the features are? Let take you easy to understand once!

stickers by the most surface material can be divided into paper and chemical film class two. Now add the following surface material and characteristics of common listed below:

( 1) Coated paper: it is coated paper, a kind of glossy paper outside after coating process of medium gloss paper, coated paper, high smoothness, brightness is lower than outside mirror glossy paper, can be used in color printing, the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, is also a good thermal transfer bar code label printing material.

( 2) Offset paper: also known as writing paper, die paper, the outside is without coating processing inferior smooth paper, general application of monochrome printing or printing.

( 3) Thermal transfer paper: it is specially for thermal transfer printing self-adhesive label material, surface paper outside after special coating treatment, especially for small barcode have excellent printing effect.

( 4) Outside mirror coated paper: super pressure light processing, high gloss, applied to request printing color light product label. Like drugs, health products and other industries.

( 5) Thermal paper: in common is the supermarket information label, large logistics companies are now applied to the thermal printer information label.

( 6) PE film, PE film, the outside has a bright white, white, bright silver and transparent, more tender, have the characteristic of water resistance, oil resistance, resistant to compression, should be applied in daily chemical products, such as shampoo, shower, etc.

( 7) PP membrane: polypropylene film, the outside has a bright white, white, bright silver, transparent, with water resistance, oil resistance, good stiffness, etc. Super transparent PP self-adhesive label material, with high transparency, and on the transparent bottles, seems to have no label visual consequences. Also widely used in daily chemical products and cosmetics category.

is a 10 years of printing factory, if you want to know more and characteristics of the surface material can at any time to understand oh!

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