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Special anti-counterfeiting label, temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2021-03-13
Everyone is no stranger to anti-counterfeiting labels, but they don’t know the types of anti-counterfeiting labels. Many people still know whether the anti-counterfeiting labels are only QR code anti-counterfeiting labels. In fact, they are not. This idea is corrected. In the 21st century, how can you not learn more about anti-counterfeiting labels? Today, the editor will introduce you a special kind of anti-counterfeiting label. It is a temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label. Does it look very powerful from the literal meaning? Next, the editor will introduce you to something. It is a temperature change anti-counterfeiting label.

   First of all, let’s understand what a temperature change anti-counterfeiting label is: the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label is made with the help of temperature change ink, which can change its color rapidly with the change of environmental temperature, so that the colored object has dynamic Color effect. It displays a specific color or colorless at room temperature, and changes color according to the high and low temperature changes.

  Secondly, let’s take a look at the types of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Irreversible type: Thermal ink has two types: color development and color change. Color-developing irreversible heat-sensitive ink is colorless in appearance, and appears color after being heated, and the color will not return to colorless after cooling; the color of color-changing irreversible ink changes from one color to another after being heated, and the color after cooling The original color will no longer be restored.

  2. Reversible type: The reversible type has three types: color development, decolorization and discoloration. Reversible color is colorless in appearance, color appears after heating, and the color disappears after cooling, and can be restored to colorless; achromatic reversible means that the existing color disappears after heating, and the existing color can be restored after cooling; the reversible color change is already A color changes to another color after being heated, and the existing color can be restored after cooling; the color can be quickly changed with the change of the ambient temperature, so that the colored object can produce a dynamic change of color.

The detection method of    temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label includes the following content:

  1. The anti-counterfeiting label printing is made of special ink, and its color change principle is that when the external temperature reaches a certain temperature range, the chemical structure of the ink changes, so that the logo appears in different colors. The identification method can be to touch the logo with your hands or the forehead or breathe lightly, or use high temperature heating, the logo picture changes, and the customer immediately distinguishes the authenticity of the purchased product.

  2. Low-temperature identification anti-counterfeiting: used for refrigerated food, or used for refrigerated signs. This anti-counterfeiting technology is used in the beverage and refrigerated food industries.

   Isn't the temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label particularly interesting? The temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label mainly uses temperature-change ink. Some of the heat-sensitive inks used are sensitive to temperature, and they show color changes with temperature changes. , The ink made with materials with this characteristic is called heat-sensitive ink, and can be further subdivided into two types, reversible heat-sensitive ink and irreversible heat-sensitive ink, according to the recovery status of its imprint color change. As the editor mentioned before, the use of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels is also particularly extensive, such as food, clothing, shoe leather, seeds, agricultural materials, characteristic agricultural products, auto parts, motorcycle parts, civilized book products, light industry, Electrical appliances, toys, gifts, cosmetics, daily necessities, machinery, building materials, tobacco, chemicals, liquor, wine, red wine and other alcohol, electronics, consumables, etc. The above is the temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label introduced to you by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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