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Since 2013, Mitsubishi standard carbide blade packaging (PCD blade, except CBN Blade)Since the laser anti-counterfeiting label was adopted

by:LG Printing     2020-01-17
In order to better protect the rights and interests of users, Mitsubishi Integrated Materials Management (Shanghai) The company has upgraded anti-counterfeiting labels since June 2015. Recently, counterfeit products of Mitsubishi laser anti-counterfeiting labels after revision and upgrade have been found in the market, causing troubles to users and damaging our corporate image. Here is an explanation on the identification of true and false labels, I hereby notify you. In order to facilitate our customers to better identify Mitsubishi anti-counterfeiting labels and achieve the effect of preventing fakes, the real pictures of Mitsubishi anti-counterfeiting labels are as follows. Mitsubishi anti-counterfeit label Real shot dynamic map, pay attention to WeChat public number: MMC- TOOLS get more information in a timely manner
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