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Since 2009, the Cuban company Havana has introduced a new anti-counterfeiting laser label that allows customers to check snow on their official website

by:LG Printing     2020-02-13
What is the use of the upper lens of the anti-lens lens? You can go to the official cigar station in Havana to see if the cigar in your hand is genuine. (1. Enter your date of birth (Because you need to be 18 years old to enter) , Then press Enter Habanaos below. Com Key 2. Enter the official website of Havana and click 【 authenticity check 】3. Go into the page and click 【 Enter into Authenticity Check 】 After entering, this screen will be displayed, and then we can start checking! Take a Box of Gao Xiba's Beike 52 to demonstrate and verify that the number we need is this group, as shown in Figure 1 below. Enter the anti-counterfeiting label number of the box of cigars you want to check 2. Select 【Input Manual 】, And then 4 anti-counterfeiting label formats will pop up. 3. Select the anti-counterfeiting number specification of the box of cigars in your hand. If the selection is wrong, the box of cigars may not be verified. 4. Enter the verification code (Usually the number shown in the picture)5. Then press Verify. Result 1: The box of cigars demonstrated showed this result, the English meaning in the picture is that this box of cigars was registered and launched in Havana, Cuba, and it shows that the box of cigars you are checking is BHK52 (10 packs). Result 2: Another result is shown in the figure, which means that the set of anti-counterfeiting numbers you entered have not been registered in Havana, Cuba. This shows that there may be something wrong with this box of cigars in your hand! Result 3: The physical cigar examined was Monte 2, but the picture showed Cohiba bezhike 52. The fact that this anti-counterfeiting number does not match the goods indicates that this box of cigars may also have problems.
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