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Simple classification of self-adhesive materials

by:LG Printing     2021-01-27

the non-drying label is widely used, but do you know about common adhesive materials and its classification? Self-adhesive materials in classification method has a lot of kinds, everyone in the process of use also have different name, commonly used classification method has the following categories, now we together a simple to understand.

a, self-adhesive materials to classification as adhesive properties, is divided into permanent adhesive materials and can remove adhesive materials.

2, if the adhesive coating technology to classification, type is divided into hot melt adhesive materials, solvent-based adhesive materials and type emulsion adhesive materials.

3, classified by the chemical property of adhesive, is divided into two kinds of rubber and acrylic based adhesive materials.

4, to classified as surface material characteristic, is divided into paper self-adhesive materials, film adhesive materials and special adhesive materials.

5, according to the characteristics of bottom paper classification, divided into opaque bottom paper ( Thick bottom paper) , translucent paper ( Thin bottom paper) And transparent bottom paper three kinds of self-adhesive materials.

the above these are the commonly used classification method, and the classification methods are associated with each other, be short of one cannot, so we should pay attention to when the non-drying label products classification and properties of materials to ensure that the use the correct label materials.

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