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Sigh for the happiness of the floating world, the QR code in WeChat that promises me peace of mind for the rest of my life

by:LG Printing     2021-03-18
WeChat anti-counterfeiting QR code is one thing, one code. The QR code is printed on the label. The QR code itself cannot be anti-counterfeit, because the QR code on each label is unique and corresponds to a unique number. , The number is compared with the back-end database to verify. Consumers generally use WeChat to scan the QR code, but after scanning the QR code, the performance results come in various forms, such as scanning the QR code to directly verify the authenticity; scanning the QR code to follow the official account, and to verify the authenticity in the official account Counterfeit, you can also use other methods, such as scanning the QR code to open the company's official website in WeChat, and then perform anti-counterfeiting verification on the official website. The following is an explanation of these commonly used methods.

  一. Scan code verification

   The QR code on the label is covered with a coating. It is a code for one object. The anti-counterfeiting code has been integrated into the QR code. You need to scratch off the coating before querying. After scanning the QR code, open the page directly and display it at the same time As a result, most of the early two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting was done. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for consumers to operate and does not need to enter the anti-counterfeiting code. However, there is also a disadvantage that the label is easy to counterfeit, because counterfeiters can also use other The URL is made a label like the query page, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the source of the query page.

  二. One yard, dual use

   The QR code on the label is not covered, and the label is also a code for one item, but the QR code integrates a logistics code, not an anti-counterfeiting code. After scanning the QR code, directly open the page and type in the page to scrape Open the anti-counterfeit code query under the coating. The advantage of this is that a QR code can check the anti-counterfeit code, and the QR code can be scanned at the same time (because the logistics code is integrated), which is the so-called one-code dual-use, but this is also One disadvantage is that the tag is easy to counterfeit, because the counterfeiter can also use another URL to make a tag like the query page.

  三. WeChat Official Account

  1. The QR code of the official account is not covered. Consumers scan the QR code of the official account on the anti-counterfeiting label, pay attention to the official account, and then select the menu; anti-counterfeiting query, enter the anti-counterfeit code, you can verify.

  2. Cover the QR code of the official account with a coating. Scratch the QR code coating on the anti-counterfeiting label. Scan the QR code and you will be prompted to follow the official account. After paying attention, click the [Anti-counterfeiting query] link to scan again Two-dimensional code, identification of two-dimensional code can automatically identify the password to complete the authenticity verification. The content of the query feedback method is the same as that of method one.

   Four. How to improve the reliability of anti-counterfeiting

   One code, one information anti-counterfeiting query system is a reliable method. It is better than other physical anti-counterfeiting and laser anti-counterfeiting, but there are also loopholes, that is, the low query rate allows counterfeit products to take advantage of, in order to provide reliability , Companies should adopt some measures to increase the query rate of anti-counterfeiting codes, such as member points, corporate publicity and other measures.

  WeChat anti-counterfeiting is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology developed by the combination of anti-counterfeiting technology and WeChat official account. Compared with traditional WeChat anti-counterfeiting technology, it is convenient to query and has many functions to help companies quickly promote their WeChat official accounts to enterprises Bringing a high number of fans, not only to combat counterfeit and shoddy products, but also to help realize the unique magical functions of marketing and WeChat anti-counterfeiting, which are used by enterprises in all walks of life. Recommend the distance between companies and consumers, so that companies can better understand end consumers.
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