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Shanghai is China's economic center, with many multinational companies and innovative companies, and new products are continuously sold to all parts of the world. Zuo

by:LG Printing     2020-03-05
1. Anti-counterfeiting labels are not limited to local production. Some customers think that anti-counterfeiting labels need to find local suppliers, which is a one-sided idea. For example, Suzhou Credit Suisse serves Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, while some local anti-counterfeiting companies with outstanding technology may not be able to keep up with the service, if it is limited to the local, it may not be able to find a suitable supplier, and the anti-counterfeiting scheme and delivery speed will not be able to meet the demand. The anti-counterfeiting label is mainly for the solution to be stable and stable. Now the logistics is so developed that even foreign customers can serve well. 2, where is the Shanghai Anti-counterfeiting label? There is no standard answer here, because the printing of labels needs to be determined from several aspects. For example, a stable inquiry system, high-quality printing and safe and effective anti-counterfeiting schemes are indispensable. Some companies value the price, so whether the label is easy to use or not is not their first consideration, while some companies value the service, so the price is acceptable. When customizing anti-counterfeiting labels, customers need to comprehensively consider their own needs and the schemes provided by anti-counterfeiting companies, combining prices and services. If the scheme is not far from the price but not expensive, it can be stable. As a professional anti-counterfeiting company that has been deeply cultivating the Yangtze River Delta intellectual center in Suzhou for more than ten years, Credit Suisse can serve customers in Shanghai in all aspects.
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