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Shanghai custom anti-counterfeit labels in order to avoid the opening of the corrugated color box when the paste box, in addition to the correct paste box glue, in the paste box production operation over-packaging, but also note

by:LG Printing     2020-03-09
Shanghai custom anti-counterfeiting label printing process: 1 hot stamping: scientific name is hot pressing transfer printing, referred to as thermal transfer printing, commonly known as hot stamping, hot silver. 2UV: it is ultraviolet ray, UV is short for it, and 'UV transparent oil' is the full name, which means that the ink can be dried and cured by ultraviolet ray. 3. Striking and embossing: the scientific name is embossing. The process of forming a pattern by local change of the printing object by pressure is that the metal plate becomes a pressed plate and the bottom plate after corrosion. 4 beer: Guangdong is pronounced 'turtle', which means die cutting. 5 Jin Cong: it is to put a layer of glue on the paper first, and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue. 6YO: it is a spring-like object, mostly plastic, commonly used on the spine of calendars and notebooks, for page turning. 7 glue: press a transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including Crystal Film, light film and Matt film. Many places are called different and not environmentally friendly. 8 pinhole: Also called needle thread and floss, it is a semi-connected line that is pressed out of the paper, usually appearing at the opening of the package. 9 punching: the price of anti-counterfeiting labels is to make a hole in a piece of paper or N pieces of paper according to the required size. There is a special punching machine. Flocking: it is to brush a layer of glue on the paper, and then stick a layer of material similar to fluff to make the paper look and feel a little flannel. How to choose an anti-counterfeiting company to make anti-counterfeiting labels for custom-made anti-counterfeiting labels in Shanghai detailed introduction it is very important for an enterprise to choose a reliable anti-counterfeiting company when making anti-counterfeiting labels, which can help the enterprise save a lot of time and money, below, Xiaobian will share with you how to choose a suitable anti-counterfeiting company. Depending on qualifications, enterprises that carry out anti-counterfeiting printing according to state regulations need to have ISO9001 quality system certification of 'national industrial production license' and 'anti-counterfeiting technology review Certificate. Looking at the factory, the production of anti-counterfeiting labels requires a printing factory. Many anti-counterfeiting companies do not have their own printing factories. They also need to find other factories to work, wasting time and money, to judge the strength of the anti-counterfeiting company. The price of the anti-counterfeiting label looks at the case, and judges whether the anti-counterfeiting company can solve its own problems by examining the successful cases of the anti-counterfeiting company. Look at word of mouth, through the feedback of consumers and the market to determine the effect of anti-counterfeiting companies to the enterprise, some anti-counterfeiting companies to do the inquiry system often crashes, collapse, consumers can not find the authenticity of information, it has a great negative impact on the enterprise. Looking at the service, after some anti-counterfeiting companies received the money, the service became significantly worse and the development of the company was serious. Shanghai customized anti-counterfeiting label UV lamp power is insufficient, which is related to the daily production operation of self-adhesive label printing enterprises, mainly in the following aspects. 1. All UV lamps have an effective service life ( Under normal circumstances, it is 800 ~ 1000 hours) When the use time of the UV lamp exceeds its service life, although the UV lamp can continue to work, its power has been greatly reduced. Customized anti-counterfeiting label price and label printing enterprises did not replace UV lamps beyond their service life in time due to cost considerations. 2. After replacing the UV lamp, the use timer of the UV lamp was not reset to zero, resulting in the use time of the UV lamp having exceeded its service life but completely unknown. 3. Do not pay attention to the surface cleaning of UV lamp. After long-term use, the reflector of UV lamp is too dirty, resulting in loss of reflected energy of UV lamp ( The reflected energy can account for about 50% of the power of the UV lamp). 4. The power configuration of UV lamps is unreasonable. For example, the power of each group of UV lamps in some full-rotation self-adhesive label printing machines is only 2000 Watts, which is obviously off the bottom. It is understood that at present, the reasonable allocation of the power of each group of UV lamps in the domestic full-rotation self-adhesive label printing machine is above 3000 watts. Due to its fast printing speed, the power of each group of UV lamps is above 7000 Watts. Reprinting this article is subject to the author's consent, with the source and link to the article.
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