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by:LG Printing     2020-03-16
Industry leader, company post office, │, contact us, │, collection site, │ English anti-counterfeiting label series, digital anti-counterfeiting series, laser anti-counterfeiting series, anti-smuggling series, scratch card series, roll Label series, featured, high-end anti-counterfeiting products, industry anti-counterfeiting applications, other anti-counterfeiting series, national customer service and technical support, book anti-counterfeiting labels, book piracy prevention methods 1. Pirated books and publications, in our daily life, people are familiar with and quite alert to fake and shoddy goods in material products, but for fake and shoddy books in spiritual products, so far, it has not received enough attention from all walks of life, and the strength and effectiveness of the struggle are far from satisfactory. The reason is probably that the social media speak less publicly and at the same time the harm of fake and inferior books. In the book and publishing industry, counterfeiting is also called piracy. The so-called piracy refers to the situation without the consent or authorization of the copyright owner, the act of copying and redistributing works and publications with copyright. In most countries and regions, this act is defined as an illegal act of infringement of intellectual property rights, and even constitutes a crime, which will be punished by the country where it is located. Pirated publications usually include pirated books, pirated software, pirated audio-visual works and pirated online knowledge products. Piracy, the proverb 'd version '. This violates the law and buyers cannot be protected by law. Pirated books and pirated software, pirated books are divided into two main types from the quality of printing :(1)Low-end pirated books. The overall printing quality is poor and easy to distinguish, which is manifested in poor paper (Paper is thin, yellow, gray) Uneven ink color, hue deviation, inaccurate overprinting, blurred image, often adhesive tape marks or imposition marks on the edges of pictures and texts, improper cutting of finished products, and poor binding quality (There are many quality problems such as missing lines and wrong pages), And there are many errors in text and punctuation (Some typos can reach more than ten yards)The sick sentence is continuous. (2)High-end pirated books. The overall printing quality is high, which is not much different from genuine books and is difficult to distinguish. The results are as follows: better paper, uniform ink color, better hue, more accurate overprinting and clearer image level, the finished product is cut more square, the binding quality is better, and the text errors are less. Generally speaking, low-end pirated books are printed by small printing houses or underground printing houses with low-end equipment. They are made by some small pirated booksellers, piecemeal and guerrilla warfare. The high-end pirated books are the use of high-end equipment by large pirated booksellers with relatively strong strength. Pirated books and genuine books are even printed using imported equipment. Baidu Encyclopedia: books, Baidu Encyclopedia: Publications 2. Anti-Counterfeiting of books and publications. At present, the anti-counterfeiting of books and publications is mainly laser anti-counterfeiting and digital anti-counterfeiting. Typical examples are as follows :(1) Application of laser anti-counterfeiting labels, laser anti-counterfeiting cases of books and stationery (2) The application of digital anti-counterfeiting labels, cases of digital anti-counterfeiting labels for books and publishing products, standard one anti-counterfeiting the main partners in the book publishing industry are People's Education Publishing House, Inner Mongolia Education Publishing House, People's Post and Telecommunications Publishing House, foreign language audio-visual publishing house, Yunnan Science and Technology Publishing House, Shanghai gold culture, Beijing bangdao culture, Shenzhen benchmark culture, Chengdu Hongtu blog post, etc, standard one anti-counterfeiting wholeheartedly provides high-quality anti-counterfeiting services for the relevant units of the book publishing industry and contributes to the fight against piracy. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting label, Anti-Counterfeiting Trademark, anti-counterfeiting mark, anti-counterfeiting mark, digital anti-counterfeiting, scratch card production, anti-counterfeiting label, WeChat anti-counterfeiting, Guangzhou anti-counterfeiting, Beijing anti-counterfeiting, printing net, anti-counterfeiting label, electronic labels, self-adhesive labels, our company supports Taobao transactions
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