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by:LG Printing     2020-03-13
Industry leader, company post office, │, contact us, │, collection site, │ English anti-counterfeiting label series, digital anti-counterfeiting series, laser anti-counterfeiting series, anti-smuggling series, scratch card series, drum label series, featured, high-end anti-counterfeiting products, industry anti-counterfeiting applications, other anti-counterfeiting series, national customer service and technical support technology/QQ: 100577588 phone anti-counterfeiting, 400 phone anti-counterfeiting label 1. Telephone anti-counterfeiting introduction, telephone anti-counterfeiting is a specific form of digital anti-counterfeiting, and it is the most important one. In many occasions, digital is understood as telephone anti-counterfeiting. Telephone anti-counterfeiting can be 400 telephone, 800 telephone, 95 telephone, fixed telephone, etc. 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting label is an anti-counterfeiting label that checks authenticity through a special 400 telephone. 400 telephone is currently widely used, most customer service calls in the country are 400. The important feature of 400 telephone is that the caller does not need to pay for long-distance calls, and both mobile phones and fixed-line calls can be dialed, thus bringing a lot of convenience to consumers. In the early anti-counterfeiting market, 800 phones were still relatively common, but due to the high call cost of 800 Phones and the inability of mobile phones to dial, this brought disadvantages to consumers and businesses. Therefore, with the reduction of 400 telephone charges, 400 telephone charges account for almost the vast majority in the current anti-counterfeiting market. 2. 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting label style, standard one anti-counterfeiting provide currently available 400 special inquiry Telephone: 4006999315 4007118315 4006066315 4006722315 4006835315 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting label 3. 400 phone anti-counterfeit label verification and charging standard there are 400 4000 phone types in the market (Unicom)4001 (Mobile)4006 (Unicom)4007 (Tietong)4008 (Telecom)4009 (Telecom) For consumers, the charging standards are the same, and the corresponding city calls are paid. 4. The telephone anti-counterfeiting inquiry system, whether it is 400 telephone, 800 toll-free telephone or fixed telephone, needs to be connected to the telephone inquiry system. During the inquiry process, the system will automatically answer. Generally, the correct voice content is: hello, what you are looking for is a certain product produced by a certain company . . . . . . The telephone anti-counterfeiting system developed by biaoyi anti-counterfeiting company has stable performance and high reliability, and can provide services for various types of customers. And you only need to order the label, pay the corresponding label, all others (Telephone number for inquiry and corresponding system)Provided by us, convenient and fast. 5. 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting label application field 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting label is very common in the market at present, and 400 telephone anti-counterfeiting is used in almost all industries. The above sample mark is our company's customer case for reference. Our company can design it free of charge according to your requirements. Welcome to contact our customer service and sales, live800 online, telephone, QQ, etc. National unified sales service hotline (Free long distance)400-666- 7588 telephone (Shanghai): 021-51085315 telephone (Zhejiang)0577- 86784488 Shanghai biaoyi Information Technology Co. , Ltd. @, All Rights Reserved, Shanghai ICP No. 08024839, our company supports Taobao transactions
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