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by:LG Printing     2020-03-13
Industry leader, company post office, │, contact us, │, collection site, │ English anti-counterfeiting label series, digital anti-counterfeiting series, laser anti-counterfeiting series, anti-smuggling series, scratch card series, roll Label series, featured, high-end anti-counterfeiting products, industry anti-counterfeiting applications, other anti-counterfeiting series, national customer service and technical support SMS anti-counterfeiting labels 3. SMS anti-counterfeiting label verification and charging label, the SMS platform used for anti-counterfeiting, in addition to the normal mobile phone communication fee, does not charge any other fees. There are some SMS platforms in the market that are charged, which will make consumers dissatisfied. 12114 the charging standard is a dime (Mobile, Unicom, and Telecom are all in one corner). 4. In the application field of SMS anti-counterfeiting labels, SMS anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in the market at present, and SMS anti-counterfeiting is used in almost all industries such as seeds, cosmetics, medicines and health care products. The above sample mark is our company's customer case for reference. Our company can design it free of charge according to your requirements. Welcome to contact our customer service and sales, live800 online, telephone, QQ, etc. Our company supports Taobao transactions
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