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Several kinds of coating adhesive materials commonly used methods

by:LG Printing     2021-01-30

adhesive materials commonly used several kinds of coating methods mainly include gravure coating method, as well as the combination of offset printing gravure coating method ( The main coating method of silicone oil on the bottom paper) , roller, blade coating or comma coating method and the stretch film coating method ( The main coating adhesive method) And so on.

now by a brief introduction of the following two kinds of commonly used coating methods.

a, rubber concave combined with silicon coating method

this method used in solventless silicone coating, principle is: the silicone oil brought out by the gravure roller from the container, by scraping blade after remove silicone oil on its surface, intaglio roller pass silicone rubber roller, rubber roller to score the silicone oil evenly coated on the surface of the bottom paper. Because of the gravure roller on the net hole size is uniform, so the silicone oil is a uniform and consistent amount of coating.

2, adhesive stretch film coating method

stretch film coating method can overcome other coating method coating surface scratch, bubble caused by the needle. Stretch film coating method principle is: the coating head by pressure within the cavity into the adhesive, the top for a thin seam, the size of depth when coated with the operation of the bottom paper, adhesive evenly from a crack in the coating head of outflow and coated on the surface of the bottom paper. Coating weight can be controlled by adjusting the size of the thin seam, or by adjusting the pressure inside the cavity to change the flow speed of adhesive, so as to change the coating weight. When the adhesive viscosity change, also can be adjust pressure to maintain the overall adhesive coating gram remains the same.

it is two commonly used coating methods to do a simple overview, is a 10 years printing printing experience, focus on production of stickers, and improving the quality of the focus on, and worthy of your trust!

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