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Self-adhesive printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-27
There may be many people doubt the
what is a process of self-adhesive printing? Now take you know together. Self-adhesive printing is under constant pressure to pass through the plate materials such as printing ink transfer to the substrate surface in the process of the coated with rubber cover on the back of process.

adhesive has the function of paste logo also called labels, stickers printing commonly use of material is different, the most commonly used glossy paper labels, transparent labels, tags paperboard, bottle labels, stickers refers to paper, film, or other special material as fabrics, coated with adhesive on back, with the silicone-coated protective paper as the bottom paper a kind of composite materials for material printing printing.

composite materials in the form of products are single page prints, in coated with adhesive on the back, can glue adhesive in the customer need any place. In the way of printing stickers printing usually adopts the screen printing method, because in the past few years the rapid development of offset printing technology, stickers printing is now also used offset printing way.

first need to be out before printing, plate making, in the aspect of post-press processing technology will need to pass the necessary cutting, make the shape of the stickers is not limited to right Angle line, can according to need cutting; When design with special needs, will also add some special processing technology, but in general is not very complicated, like printing, film, hot stamping, die cutting process etc.

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