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Self-adhesive materials of 'little glue'

by:LG Printing     2021-01-27

adhesive has a very important part of the material is the adhesive, the adhesive has a permanent adhesive and can remove adhesive is two, you may wonder what is permanent adhesive, what call can remove adhesive! The following is to introduce simple!

permanent adhesive

in under the condition of no damage to label surface material, it is hard to label the overall stripping, known as permanent binders as anti-fake label adhesive is used in the permanent adhesive.

can remove adhesive

tag can be fully, and will not damage were bonded on the surface of the adhesive, called to remove the adhesive, such as the label on the TV screen, the label on the sunglasses, and so on.

but we distinguish above only permanent adhesive and can remove the adhesive is a clear distinction between the concept of the two, but sometimes difficult to distinguish in practice, because there are many factors that will influence the performance of the adhesive, such as on the surface of the paste, labels, application time length, the label during the application of the environment, etc.

as can remove adhesive can be in after a period of time to become a permanent adhesive, permanent adhesive can bond is very fast in the first place, but after a period of time has become to remove adhesive. Adhesive performance of stability and the change of the change depends on various conditions, therefore is permanent and can be removed only on the concept of a clear distinction between, is a relative concept, application and characteristics of the final will be according to the experiment and related environment.

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