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Self-adhesive materials manufacturing methods

by:LG Printing     2021-01-29

adhesive material is mainly used in printing stickers and other printed matter, the manufacturing is the main application of coating and composite, on-demand can use other auxiliary process, the manufacturing according to own condition and the characteristics of the product is required to use different types of coating equipment.

in general there are two types of coating machine, a split type, a tandem. Separation is a silicon coating and coating compound twice on the same machine, or on their machines, and usually split type equipment more flexible, but the efficiency is low. Tandem coating for the complete process in one machine last, tandem equipment with high efficiency, suitable for mass production, but for small batch of products, relatively low efficiency, large consumption. Now by simple for you to introduce general paper and thin film material production process.

general paper materials using ordinary fission type coater coating and its process is as follows:

1. The plastic coated or have A calender layer at the bottom of the paper on the equipment A coated silicone oil, or back first and then coated silicon, silicon after the bottom paper by oven drying or curing. After coated silicon dry bottom paper rewinding rolls, complete the bottom paper processing operations.

2。 Coating and composite process on device B. Equipment placed at the end of the bottom paper, and the other end surface of paper was laid. Process is end at the end of paper coating and the oven to dry, to compound location. At the other end for tissue after tension control, the orientation correction device also arrived in composite station. In the bottom paper, paper composite and composite a cubicle rewinding into big volume. Have finished all process of adhesive materials.

film products series coater coating, composite process:

1. End rolling after bottom paper first silicon coating, drying, and then enter the back printing and coating JiaoGong, after coating the bottom paper into the oven to dry, composite station finally arrived.

2。 Rolling after another face paper first by the prime location, after drying the bottom paper on corona treatment station ( Used for thin film materials, paper materials can not) , the fabric after corona treatment to composite location. In a composite bottom paper, paper composite and rolled into the big volume, complete manufacturing process of adhesive material.

the above is about the making process of the paper classes and film adhesive material, if you want to learn more knowledge of printing, welcome to oh!

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