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Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels, commonly used labels on cosmetics

by:LG Printing     2021-04-16
Everyone has the love of beauty. The current consumer market is still mostly women, especially in the cosmetics and beauty industries. Everyone can see the contribution of women in the cosmetics industry every year, and she may be reluctant. It’s expensive to buy foods, but it costs a lot of money for cosmetics, and they are very generous. Therefore, women are particularly concerned about the authenticity of cosmetics. If you put them on the packaging of cosmetics. If there is a fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label, then, girls will be a little bit worried, afraid that skin care products are also included. Therefore, ordinary cosmetics use self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. Next, I will introduce to you. The application of dry glue anti-counterfeiting labels in cosmetics.

  The effect of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels on cosmetics includes the following:

  1. Skin care product self-adhesive label material, the key is the steadiness of the substrate coating and the long-term performance of super glue. Skin care products and brands can be said to be very good in terms of fair prices. Internationally customary cosmetics are anti-counterfeiting The warranty period of the goods will be 2 years. During this time, it is determined that it is not easy to show the situation of opening the glue, dropping the label, and sticking to it.

  2. Because the anti-counterfeiting mark and self-adhesive label material of the well-known brand are recycled for a long time, the production cost can be effectively manipulated. For customers who demand quality, they should fully consider the quality of the self-adhesive label material. It can also effectively manipulate the cost recovery.

  3. Nowadays, the self-adhesive label position of this skin care product brand is rich in material types, whether it is the usual freight logistics logo, bar code label or very high temperature label, steel label, and there are often relatively anti-counterfeit label products that can be supplied and demanded. Balance can save customers in different positions and different purposes from the trouble of searching for suitable materials.

  4. Regarding cosmetics labels and food labels, fully consider not to stick to the surface layer of laminated glass, plastic, carton and other anti-counterfeiting materials. According to customer requirements, use hot-melt copper paper self-adhesive label materials, or water glue The self-adhesive label material may be very difficult to tear. Solve the problem of covering with sub-film (light film or sub-film), hot stamping and hot stamping, independent variable number copying (including repeated copying), and more consideration of customer's request for customization.

  5. Copying diversification and steadfastness. The technology of making tubes and then copying traditional extruded plastic hoses usually applies screen printing and metal screen copying. Self-adhesive label copying can use letterpress, water-based, Screen printing, metal screen, hot stamping and other diversified composition of anti-counterfeiting label copying technology, ultra-difficult tones reflect more reliable. Reduce inventory costs and risks, customers have a faster delivery cycle, and promote plastic hose manufacturers to develop production output. When direct printing, they need to carry out inventory of plastic hose crafts, and the cost is higher. The delivery time of self-adhesive stickers is shorter, and the inventory of bare pipes can be developed, which can reduce the risk of out of stock.

   Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels appear very frequently in our daily lives. Many materials are inseparable. Most businesses still choose self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. The price of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels is right. , Beautiful appearance and stable performance, so it has always been liked by major companies. I would like to remind you that no matter how much the value of the product is, please be sure to put an anti-counterfeiting label on it. While protecting the product, it also protects consumers. It is to protect yourself. The above is the application of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels introduced to you by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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