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Self-adhesive anti-counterfeit label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-02-08
We all know that the products need to use some protection measures is to our security products, each kind of anti-counterfeiting mark their technique and method of printing and production is different, the price of these labels also exist differences don't know everyone for the non-drying label printing technology and the production process to understand? Today we will take you to see this kind of anti-counterfeiting logo printing way! < br />

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a, self-adhesive anti-counterfeit label printing way < br />
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1. Flat convex or printed and multistep < br />
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generally high, packaging decoration printed materials planning has a large area of color piece and color sequence of successive images and mixed and disorderly lines and markings pictures, brought a single printing method, the degree of difficulty. Assuming that selects flat convex seal, utilizing letterpress printing pressure, the interests of the inking uniform area of the field color piece, in the interests of the lithographic machine pressure flat soft printed four color have some harmonic mixed and disorderly lines, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, so its effect is very obvious. For some of the more demanding more cluttered printing quality, still can choose hand convex, concave, convex and concave steep, leakage and working procedure in India. Therefore, printing process more cluttered, printing packaging decoration printing quality, the more difficult anti-fake function, the better.

  2. Multicolor string printed < br />
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multicolor printing also known as the chain color printing, letterpress printing, more commonly it is based on printing quality requirements, after the ink box placed partition, again in a different version of the insulation in a variety of color ink. Under the ink roller chain action, make some ink mixing and then spread to adjacent plate. Choose this kind of printing technology, can be a printed on a variety of colors, and transition soft base. Because it is hard to see from the print ink tank baffle spacing, it can also play a role, the anti-counterfeiting. Assume that chooses the technology on the background of large area printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent.

  3. Gravure technology < br />
< br />
refers to the plate on the graphic area is raised, the printed graphic, the ink is also raised, and the graphic line is clear, distinct, hand touch namely can feel. It is have a maintenance effect on paper, printing, anti-counterfeiting function again. The first securities with intaglio printing technology. Intaglio printing varieties according to plate method is divided into two categories: carved intaglio ( Workmanship carve gravure, mechanical carving gravure) Corrosion gravure, two varieties. Craft carving gravure printing anti-fake effect is better. Contact the anti-counterfeit printing ink technology. Some anti-counterfeiting printing ink pigment particles is bigger, need thicker ink layer, and gravure printing simple sense is strong, both contact, get two layers of security and decoration effect. Such as gravure printing use fluorescent ink, ensures that both intaglio printing micro convex feeling, and ensure the use of fluorescent ink requirements, both the hang of anti-counterfeiting function are obtained to ensure that.

  4. Laser holographic iris printed < br />
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laser holographic iris printing is choose laser holography method, make template in the shock chamber, then transfer to a carrier by, pressure to show. Its products under 45 degrees of point light irradiation, can occur of the colorful rainbow together, and the picture of stereo feeling, strong, loved by customers, some people called the 21st century no ink color printing. Now choose cold press more plating and made into soup printing membrane directly heat the two technologies. Because the technology of plate making technology comparing mixed and disorderly, the difficulty is very big, only a few domestic manufacturers to produce, so the anti-counterfeiting function, better. Should be particularly noted that holographic photography is in shock chamber by using laser light source in, short period of time, the phenomenon of light draw amplitude information and phase information, using the principle of light do constitute a phenomenon of each particle, constitute all the information. In the process of plate making, can cause indoor thin air activity holographic picture color changes, so, no matter how to also can't do two collection of holographic plate.

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