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Seek to find, true and false anti-counterfeiting certificate

by:LG Printing     2021-04-13
The anti-counterfeiting certificate is an anti-counterfeiting mark that combines the anti-counterfeiting label with the certificate. It is a mark made on the basis of cost saving and various projects. The two functions of the certificate of conformity integrate the anti-counterfeiting mark, which is a multi-functional mark designed to reduce the cost of enterprises. Each product shall have a certificate of conformity upon request. Now the anti-counterfeiting certificate has become the standard of every product. By adding an anti-counterfeiting function to the certificate, the anti-counterfeiting certificate is composed of an anti-counterfeiting label and a qualified certificate. It not only has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels, but also has compliance. It is a combination of two functions made by the company on the basis of saving costs and reducing other investments. It is a sign of integration.

  一. Material application

  The raw materials for anti-counterfeiting certificates include paper, laser holographic and special film materials; paper types include adhesive paper, coated paper, special paper, fiber paper, watermarked paper, fragile paper, double-layer adhesive paper and film materials; anti-counterfeiting Pattern planning includes deformation, two-dimensional embossed patterns, special text or special graphics, logo embossed patterns, thick and thin line embossed patterns, split lines, embossed patterns, combined new rope flowers, lace, new rope patterns, micro texts, diving Image technology, anti-copy, anti-scan technology, etc.

  二. The information that the company needs to provide during manufacturing includes:

  Certificate of conformity: (;Certificate of conformity, requirements)

  Name: (Required item) Model: (or standard)

   production batch number. :(The company's own number, usually grouped and coded according to the production date, shift, production line number and other information)

   Grade: (First and second level qualified. Unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory. If not, no certificate will be issued)

   Production date: (If the production date is not indicated on the certificate of conformity, the location of the mark can be indicated, such as; see seal, necessary items)

   Inspector: (name or number, usually indicating the status of preparation)


  3. Advantages of QR Code Certificate Printing System

  1. Powerful print template design function

  2. A batch of products has a batch number, and a product has a unique number to realize one item and one code traceability

  3. The QR code can be related to product information, customer information (ie delivery information), packaging information, quality inspection information, etc.

  4. The QR code integrates GPS positioning function. Consumers can scan the QR code to collect the actual use location of the product.

  5. A product has a number, and related traceability information is bound at the same time, so the QR code also has anti-counterfeiting function

  4. How to realize anti-counterfeiting

  The reason for the anti-counterfeiting of the qualification certificate is that the QR code of the qualification certificate corresponds to the system background one by one. The QR code completely records product information, such as a series of information such as product name, specification, batch number, production date, and inspector. More importantly, the QR code also records the agent or customer who sold the product. The two-dimensional code on the certificate of conformity can not only realize the function of an ordinary anti-counterfeiting label, but also realize the traceability and anti-counterfeiting of one code and one object. At the same time, real-time printing of relevant information on the certificate can be used to inspect counterfeit and shoddy products. It is difficult for forgers to show the logical relationship between background data.

   Five, product anti-counterfeiting certificate function

  Many companies will affix product anti-counterfeiting certificates when producing products, which is beneficial to producers and is also convenient for production. At the same time, product anti-counterfeiting certificates help ensure product quality. Products with anti-counterfeiting certificates flow into the market, which is conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of users and consumers.

  Product qualification certificate refers to a certificate, a qualified label or a qualified seal attached to the product or product packaging by the manufacturer to prove that the factory product has passed the quality inspection. This is the manufacturer's express guarantee for the quality of its products, and it is also the product labeling obligation undertaken by the manufacturer's agreement.

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