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Security system and security labels

by:LG Printing     2021-02-25
What is the relationship between security system and security label? Perhaps a traceability system and what is the relationship between traceability label? The problem is, near one of the problems for anti-fake received counseling. As is known to all, the anti-counterfeiting has now is no longer a traditional anti-counterfeiting label, can solve work, traced back the same way. Now the anti-counterfeiting traceability, now is a system problem. Anti-counterfeiting system combined with a label of the advantages are: < br />
< br />
1. Anti-counterfeiting labels to combine with anti-counterfeiting system to constitute a truly new, in the sense of security, in the same way back label and traceability system can be traced back more effectively. Especially in recent years the popularity of smart phones, < br />
< br />
2. And the development of the qr code technology, especially in recent years, the Internet + policy driven, thoughts, qr code anti-counterfeiting technology of agile is used for anti-counterfeiting, and combining the sweep yards of smartphone software ( WeChat, etc. ) , make the anti-fake traceability queries become more simple, and easy to operate, once also, won the broad brand merchants and consumers' attention.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting roots became a way of performance of data exchange. Real have anti-counterfeit effect is data, data collect and input, transmission, etc. , to show response, thus constitute the function of anti-counterfeiting and source. Role < br />
< br />
1. Improve product credibility consumer cannot verify anti-fake information, lead to consumers for the product's trust has been unable to ascend, qr code anti-counterfeiting validation popularization, simple and convenient, without having to bear any costs to consumers, increased the ratio of anti-counterfeiting validation. Traceability function make consumers more at ease, and had a deeper understanding of product, enhance the credibility of the brand.

  2. Drilling products to protect the interests of the brand many counterfeiters is no anti-counterfeiting labels, or take advantage of the loopholes in the anti-counterfeiting labels easy to copy, results in a fake and inferior products in the market, being counterfeited brand credibility resulting in a decline in product sales and huge economic losses.

  3. Good quality is the foundation of setting up enterprise brand, and the anti-counterfeiting traceability function of qr code for the enterprise brand escort effect, help enterprise brand to lay a solid foundation.

  4. Can do anti-counterfeiting and source function, information storage, process control, information encryption and authentication are completed by qr code to read the information, to satisfy the various businesses and consumers anti-counterfeiting traceability of product demands. Its advantage < br />
< br />
1, the information is stored. Storage form diversification, regardless of the video, audio, images, text entry, its storage capacity is the anti-counterfeiting tool of large capacity, can will products of all kinds of information storage, display, such as certification, inspection certificate information recorded, the production process and so on, all can show through the qr code to consumers. < br />
< br />
2, process control. Production, distribution, storage and also be able to be reflected in the qr code, the anti-counterfeiting information do the detail display, consumers from various details increase the credibility of the brand, counterfeiters have no ability to fake details at the same time, from the root cause for the fraud. < br />
< br />
3, information encryption. Qr code multiple reading methods to determine the user see information display content, professional read device can not only read the encrypted message, at the same time have the effect of activated anti-counterfeiting code, only activated anti-counterfeiting code can be read from a consumer. In the absence of sales, product even be illegal copying can't read the information. < br />
< br />
4, validation, read the information. Consumers to use mobile phone installation, aim the camera qr code scanning can read the product information, did everybody can anti-counterfeiting, always can impact.

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