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Security knowledge from entry to the master, you need to know these

by:LG Printing     2021-01-31

security refers to an enterprise that is used to identify product authenticity, prevent the counterfeit or altered, cloning of illegal activities such as product, material, technology and other technical measures. Below ShangYuan to take everybody to learn the related knowledge of anti-counterfeiting.

a, common type

1, printing anti-counterfeiting technology, use of a specific paper materials play a role of anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting effect of such technology. < br />

2, laser anti-counterfeiting technology is composed of laser printing equipment, can be divided into one-time ( One tear tear again) And durability ( Completely torn, reusable) 。 From the perspective of the effect of light can be divided into normal version ( Light change effect) And light engraving ( Effects of light become rich) 。 The technology of anti-counterfeiting effect. < br />

3, code anti-counterfeiting technology, combined with sound card and security system, the user can dial the phone, according to the voice prompt for anti-counterfeiting code, the system will play the verification results. Disadvantage is that the consumer is hard to know whether mobile phone number to the official, so we need to see the rest of the two technologies. < br />

4, qr code anti-counterfeiting technology combined qr code and label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeit labels, corporate web site address as query items. Product authenticity of information can be got through scan label, and related content. At present, recommend a method. < br />

5, WeChat anti-counterfeiting technology will anti-fake function and enterprise WeChat connected to the public, the operation is simple, fast query. Scan the WeChat authenticity can obtain product information and related content. At present, one of the recommended methods. < br />

2, technical standards

1, the uniqueness: the uniqueness of the anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting mark and not transferable. In order to achieve a product of an identification code, each of the anti-counterfeiting mark can be used only once, can't reuse. < br />

2, plateau: under the condition of normal use, anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition features can maintain in a short period of time, such as fluorescent ink and ink temperature dependence, have a period, attenuation can't keep. < br />

3, anti-counterfeiting intensity: anti-counterfeiting efforts by the number of anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics, the number of special anti-counterfeiting technology, security difficulty and security costs. < br />

4, strong adaptability, anti-counterfeiting ability to recognize the characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting technology products is to be able to meet the requirements of target or service object. < br />

5, identify performance: the anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition features can be identified, by sensory and correct recognition in a short period of time is the operation is simple and convenient. < br />

6, using the environment requirement: anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting performance should meet the requirements of the paste content normal use environment such as some use environment is low temperature or damp, special material should be used. < br />

7, reliability: anti-counterfeiting technology product design and manufacturing technology should have reliability and confidentiality, such as database query system can't be invaded by others, tampering with data, and so on. < br />


1, the crackdown on counterfeiting, increase sales: anti-counterfeiting labels play a good role in curbing fraud. With the continuous upgrade of anti-counterfeiting technology and perfect, and many anti-counterfeiting label hard to fake. This will increase the company's market share, increase sales revenue. < br />

2, brand marketing, enterprises entrust the security company design tags, you can add a qr code on the label, the link to the official website or market, also can add the company's sales number. All of these to the enterprise brand products have very good promotion effect. < br />

3, improve the grade of the product: have anti-counterfeit marking of products to consumers higher credibility, product class is different from the common product. < br />

4, improve consumer purchase rate and return rate: when consumers to see the anti-counterfeit label on the packaging, will feel brand and product are very formal. In addition, convenient for consumers to try before you buy authenticity check to improve customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rate. < br />

5, products for the transregional: when are too many manufacturers, distributors, will choose to escape label, to contain the escape behavior, norms marketing channels, to improve the initiative of dealers, sales personnel play a large role.
< br />

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